7 Quick Tips for TOILET TRAINING a Puppy or Dog

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Toilet training a puppy or older dog can be time consuming and frustrating. Watch this video to learn how to make the process as fast and stress free as possible; for you and your dog!

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  1. I really wish this channel had more videos

  2. MCRockerGirl

    This is so helpful. I’m getting a puppy and so housetraining will be fun 😂

  3. Your videos are incredible! The quality you produce deserves at least 1 million subscribers!

  4. Tim Hudson

    was just talking to an urban client that’s a friend of mine about toilet training his pup today, perfect timing! i love oure

  5. Jesus loves you 🙂

  6. Steven Chow

    I prefer to use training toilets. I love these toilets https://goo.gl/6X6rd2. My 6y/o took to it with never having been trained to use one. My new puppy uses it with ease & she is only 13 weeks old. I take her onto my balcony, tell her to “do wees” & she goes about it with ease. These are so easy to clean. I have three and all of them are used by the two puppies.
    Nice tips, all in all, thanks.

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