A day spent with DctK9 – nyc dog training

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An inside look at what a day spent with might consist of with Blake and the Dream team. From our the different dog training programs that we offer (private, group class, in-home, board and train) to boarding for existing clients, train and play programs, dog walking service, hiking with dogs that are off leash trained and different variations of exercise, this video gives you a wonderful insight of the many things that we offer with dogs and puppies that many other trainers and day cares might have failed or given up on in the past. We pride ourselves in bringing understanding and harmony to the human dog relationship for any breed, any size, any problem, any dog (happy go lucky or severely problematic).

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  1. Steven Dickerson


  2. A really nice video giving a littleĀ taste of what is offered at DctK9.

  3. And I also love the view of NYC.

  4. Geektaard

    That looked amazing! I wish I lives in NY so my dog could go training at your place! šŸ˜€

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