A Raven as a Pet

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What its like living with a Raven …not for everyone
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  1. Vali Prem

    it’s like raising a kid, but with a huge beak.

    • Guybrush Threepwood

      it’s like raising a kid… only it’s a big messy raven

    • Andrew Atkins

      Vali Prem dude literally just gave an opinion and you got so butt hurt over it. He wasn’t dissing anybody…

    • SpectreVert

      Vali Prem You’re obviously really dumb man

    • Michael Lorah

      A beak and sharp talons.

    • playingguitarforfun

      Vali Prem so like raising a Jewish kid?

  2. Sounds like a wolf dog with wings.

    • karsaka sdasfa

      kid riglar any animal can make a great companion. I have seen people with incredible bonds to elephants, rhinos, big cats, hyenas, crocodiles, dolphins, sharks, bears etc. It is just that it isn’t for everybody.

    • I Need More Sleep

      great companion and pet are really different things, many wild animals need to roam and actually do stuff. by putting them in your house they grow bored and restless so they cause trouble

    • Niky Jennings

      I agree

    • Pwnzistor

      Seems more like a cat.

  3. DoYouRememberHambo


  4. Frank Dodd

    This guy and his raven should have their own show and just talk like this,

    • Spiritual Warrior


    • Spiritual Warrior

      that would be a good show man

    • EriSteKad

      The raven should have a personality somewhere between Stewie, Fred durst, and Eric Andre

    • Knightscroft Squire-Muldoon

      EriSteKad pack up your preconceived notions, get back on your high horse and get out of my sights motherfucker cause Tim Krautzowtski don’t play that game.


    • MrGautman55

      one thousand times yes… one of the realest vids I’ve seen in a minute lol

  5. VideoPipistrella

    * Things I love about this guy’s videos:
    1- How honest and direct he is.
    2- How down to earth he is.
    3- The foul mouth.
    4- The crazy hair matching the foul mouth.
    5- Sam the Raven in the back being a cocky jerk and sharpening his beak.
    * Things I don’t like about these videos:
    1- Having my heart broken by realizing that my silly dream of having a pet raven is a really bad idea for me.

    • CoolaJokern

      Same lol

    • Rafael Dracofuchs

      Just do as he said. Try out smaller birds. See how well you can co-habit with a pigeon. My pigeon and I get along great and he’s freely roaming the house 24/7 with a cat of all things. I was worried about the cat at first, but a year later and the cat is afraid of the bird because he slaps pretty damn hard; it’s enough to bruise. Lol

    • WeeWeeJumbo

      Every word you’ve said was true; more information was not possible

    • Guybrush Threepwood

      this list is perfect

    • CabinDoor

      His hair is pretty slick now, though.

  6. FlyingOverTr0ut

    Makes perfect sense.

  7. Luis Ortiz

    If more potential pet owners where talked to like this, the shelters would be less crowded. Peter is the REALIST voice on YouTube!

  8. Benjamin Smither

    He sounds like he’s got horrible ptsd because of Sam

  9. Chris banks

    this dude needs to be on joe rogan

  10. thejakeyboi

    Raven didn’t attack, disappointed.

    • Guybrush Threepwood

      Raven’s not dumb… he knows better than to attack while camera is on.

    • Mad Pussah

      thejakeyboi he’s making sure to strike at the right moment… When he can leave no traces…

    • CabinDoor

      Oi, it’s guybrush! Haven’t seen you since the 90’s bro, how are you doing?

  11. afrosheenix

    Oy vey they’re so messy, they don’t even use a towel when they’re done bathing!

    • Avish Shalom

      afrosheenix gentiles do the same bother…

    • firebolt100

      “…and don’t even get me started about asking him to do the damn dishes for once!”

  12. Moshugaani

    _”My dog, Ike? He’s a big dummy! He makes for a great pet.”_ lmao

    • OrcoDevelopment

      Dumb as a fucking brick, but what can I say I love the moron.

    • Michael Lorah

      Are you kidding me? Dumb dogs are the best dogs. I could tell you so many great stories of my Aunt’s Beagle-potbellied pig-alien hybrid named the Phatness. He was great and dumber than a dodo. He had such a wonderful lazy eye.

    • JTD472

      Followed by the dog training advertisement. This is full of gems

  13. Peter Caine Dog Training

    You Genius that ask about bathroom –
    You have to have some areas the raven can not go . All kinds of stuff a raven can get into in a bathroom . I will not dedicate a bath tub ,or will I force the bird to take a bath. All my birds have a bath available. for when they want to take a bath. A raven is not a parrot or pigeon, stop comparison that make no sense

    • Konstantin Eckl

      you are the most aggressive youtuber I have ever seen and I love it

    • How about a large open top box with a door that you can put the bird bath into so it’s easy access? That way it doesn’t splash everywhere… right?

  14. kid riglar

    my uncle had a pet crows for years. mind you it was an outside pet (no cage)

    Best animal ever to have as an outside pet without a doubt is a whiskey jack (grey jay) super smart, very friendly, and non migratory in winter.
    If you have one hanging around your house you could have him sitting on your shoulder in a month. Best part is as long as he’s fed you don’t need a cage.

  15. Psoriasis Buddy

    ‘Can you handle a pigeon? There you go.’ 😂

  16. WeeWeeJumbo

    This is one of the most interesting videos I’ve seen in months. I’m subscribing for more anti-raven content, and to keep up with Sam’s magnificent beard

    • Guybrush Threepwood

      I want to be filled in weekly on how raven’s are just terrible companions, 100% subscribed

    • jutubaeh

      häh byrd ? zedds se Rävenn -.-

    • David Brunett

      Anti Raven video with love ♥️

    • Dave Randle

      WeeWeeJumbo 😂😂😂 you a 49er’s fan. That funny. Anti Raven

  17. Yjorik

    Yeah he looks like the kind of guy who would keep ravens

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