Alby – Mini Dachshund Puppy – 2 Week Residential Dog Training

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4 month old Alby needed work on barking, toilet training, walking on a lead and general obedience. Trained by Senior Instructor Samantha Carrington-West –

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  1. Mark Moses

    I love this video!!! getting our mini dachshund puppy in a couple of weeks and I can’t be more excited. I love the way this little one looks while running toward you with ears flopping and all haha!

  2. M.A. Cole

    Where did this training happen? It is wonderful. I wish my doxies were so well behaved!

  3. bedааnkt

  4. uppanadam74

    I feel this is a bit staged!! However I do believe this can be the best breed ever with proper training!!

    • Adolescent Dogs TV

      Some of the training is staged to film what the dog is capable of. But the dogs are taken out into the environment everyday for training to generalise the training to all kinds of real and unstaged distractions

    • Denise Eggert

      Adolescent Dogs TV in the U. K. – is that correct ?

  5. Lol very staged

    • Adolescent Dogs TV

      Whats staged? The general public in town? The unknown dogs in the park?

  6. David In

    And I’m still trying to get a 5 month old Dachshund housebroken…Show me your ways!

  7. Eigile Ceplauskaite

    how old need puppy be to start to train him?

    • Adolescent Dogs TV

      We train puppies from 8 weeks old, but 12 weeks is the best age for intensive training

  8. irwin3

    This looks remarkably like the north west?

  9. Tara Aliyeva

    Omg! This is AMAZING! My babys are sooooo wild.

  10. such a lovely breed

  11. Matthew Mosca

    Brava Alby! Not only cute, but so obedient! great to see.

  12. Would have been better without music. Without hearing the commands and tones, volumes, etc. it’s really no help.

    • Adolescent Dogs TV

      It’s not an instructional video, it’s a video for the owner to see their dogs progress. There is usually too much wind and background noise to not have music

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  14. Sanam Singh

    I love this dogs

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