Amazing transformation of sick dog who had given up hope

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A street dog was curled up in a ball on the side of the road. He was suffering from severe mange and had completely given up hope. Just watch his transformation after we rescued him and gave him the medical care he desperately needed.

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  1. Starbucks Dollies

    Such a cute baby! I just want to hug this cutie!

  2. cookiecats fox

    it made me cry it’s so sad and beautiful

  3. tears? why? I’m suppose to be a man! ha ha…that was awesome cool video

  4. Jura Jaryn

    jste úžasní lidé, bůh vám žehnej

  5. Frida Berglind

    There should be places for the dogs to live in after the treatments. Since
    they dint have room for all of em.

  6. My life as a Princess

    I cried this is so sad

  7. Evi van Schie

    What is mange?

    • Evi van Schie

      Thank you!

    • When a mite infestion is present in an animal, it is called mange. There
      are a variety of different mite infestions, but they all affect the skin,
      causing irritation, sores and scabbing. If left untreated, mange can also
      cause infection/ compromised immune system which can be fatal.

  8. Hazzy Games

    Wow people who disliked Idc if I know you or not I Hate you and this
    precious dog needed rescue rude heartless and idiot

  9. Emmacoolbella

    thanks so much for these videos! I know that I will for defos do something
    with animals when I grow up like working at a foster care

  10. ansaree97

    Chaa gai yar

  11. braun3812

    why this is not done to homeless people ?

    • Barbara Wasilak

      braun3812 if you read RESERCH you’ll find out that many homeless CHOOSE the
      lifestyle while the dog DIDN’T …. You could start a rescue mission for
      homeless, though:):) good luck … tell me how it turned out in a couple of
      years, dear

    • Mike Beachyhead

      braun3812 but when they kill each other they eat their kill as humans will
      stick them up on a wall and we make them fight illegally like dog fight
      clubs, and humans are the most violent race.

    • ziemniaczki-pire

      Of course we should help people in need. But unlike people, animals have no
      means to help themselves. They don’t understand the world they are living
      in, don’t have human intelligence and hands to work, they depend on humans
      completetly. In my country there are many homeless shelters, but some
      people prefer to beg on the streets, why? Because in shelter you can’t
      drink alcohol and you have to act good… I would love it if helping a
      homeless man was as easy as helping a dog, but it’s much more complicated.

  12. Overlord5

    This is so sad

    • Barbara Wasilak

      Overlord5 … sad would be if he died:(:(….. this dog’s recovery is

  13. XitachiX Martinez

    ohhhhhhh Jerry is almost at the end 😄😄😄

  14. Kat the wolf/Toy Bonnie

    am I the only one who didn’t cry??

    • ChelleHee Why not? They asked a question so I answered them. It’s not my
      fault they got offended so easily and responded in such a childish way.

    • ChelleHee

      Zyx 626 well maybe you shouldn’t have commented in the first place

    • You do seem very immature. Perhaps you should refrain from commenting such
      vulgar, mean things in the future. It leaves a very negative impression.

    • Kat the wolf/Toy Bonnie

      +Zyx 626 It’s not a joke. It’s not funny, and how the hell is it supposed
      to be a joke? Do you think I can hear your tone just from text messages? tf!

  15. Nicole rules Look


    • Nicole rules Look they have a medical team and a media team. This is how
      they get a big percentage of the money they need to help animals

    • I’m sure this channel helps them fund the treatment for the dogs so they
      have to film as much as they can

  16. TheCryptho X

    Im guessing Mange is when a dogs skin gets to dehydrated

    • No it’s not. It’s actually a skin condition caused by either Demodex mites
      or Sarcoptic mites.

  17. Verminna Lee

    Who the hell could treat an animal like that. im so glad he was saved.

    • Anime Perspective

      the same peope the kill, rape and steal from innocent people and children.
      If a person cant treat his own species with respect there is no way he is
      showing compasion to a creature not of his or her own species

  18. Jacob Freimuth

    this makes my life good, rescuing dog

  19. Transformed into a normal dog cool

  20. chainamarie03

    Is it a Hindu thing to have strings around all the dogs necks?
    Just think of all those ppl going down this busy road that saw, AND
    IGNORED, this suffering dog. What’s wrong with Indians??????

    • chainamarie03

      +shaolinwisdom​ Go take up a hobby and leave ppl alone…u wanna call me
      names for no reason….go for it. I’ve better things to do.

    • shaolinwisdom

      nah your just racist and lazy,+chainamarie03

    • chainamarie03

      +shaolinwisdom Less keystrokes.

    • shaolinwisdom

      +chainamarie03 what, you cant type “insufferable jackass”?
      Let me guess you think “jackass” is a swear and you’re not allowed to
      swear? heh.

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