Amstaff: Advanced Dog-Training (Very Useful Commands To Know)

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Two Must known Commands in Advanced Dog-Training!
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Stay Positive!!

Channel info:
I am Molly The Amstaff!
I found my human when I was 7 months old, since then we have been inseparable!

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  1. juschrismusicVevo

    Great video! Again thank you for the context, as a artist I see the art in your training excersize

    • Inside The Dog-World

      Thank you! I’m new to youtube but with time the videos will be more entertaining to watch but at the same time informative (I hope) 🙂

      Have a nice day/night 🙂

  2. Death Ful

    Um hey, so i just got a puppy, i dont know the breed because my dad got it and he barely knows english

    • Inside The Dog-World

      Hey! Congratz on your pup, no one can say for sure what breed it is without taking tests, probably a mix breed if you don’t have paper. However if you want you can send me some Pictures and I can give you some ideas what you might have! That isn’t the most important thing tho, it just might be interesting to know but most importantly is that your dog is happy and healthy. If you have any questions about training or specific problems your very welcome to write to me and I will be happy to try to help.

  3. Swedish Dogs

    Är din hund kuperad?

    • Inside The Dog-World

      Ja, av medicinska skäl. Jag tog hand om Molly när hon var runt 6 månader. Hon hade svansen bruten på två ställen. Jag tänkte först att det var en “vanlig” kroksvans men när hon självmant försökte amputera bort den åkte jag till veterinären. Visade sig att hon inte hade något brosk mellan koterna (vad veterinären sa i alla fall) och han sa att dem var tvungen att ta bort den, tyvärr. Så svansen är ‘kuperad’ men öronen är varken kuperade eller tejpade.

  4. Inside The Dog-World

    Whats up my friends! It’s been a while but new videos are coming up soon. I got several ‘Surprise’ videos for you guys that will differ alot from the other ones.
    And btw, I’m 100 subscribers from reaching the new Youtube Partnership requirement. I would appreciate it so damn much if you guys could help me out by hitting that subscribe button. Ofcourse if you don’t like what you see you can just unsubscribe after the 20th (in 7 Days). It would mean alot. Take care guys, Stay positive. Peace!

    EDIT: We did it! This Dog loving Community is growing fast, you’re the best! Stay Positive and remember to spoil your dog! 🙂
    Subscribe link –>

  5. Josh Morgan

    I’ve heard other trainers describe the same thing generally using ‘good’ as a bridge marker and ‘yes’ as a reward marker (before the reinforcer).

    • Inside The Dog-World

      Yea. It’s especially good if you ask me when you do ‘obedience’, like heel exercises. Depending on how much you’ve trained, your dog will lose interest in Always searching for Eye Contact. So I like to use it to get up the motivation to continue and also to let my dog know she’s doing it right and that she soon gets the Award

  6. Damjan Megloba

    Where is dogs tail?

    • Inside The Dog-World

      I took care of Molly when she was around 7 months old. When I did I noticed her tail was broken in two places and she was in agony. It was removed by Medical reasons and not for “Beauty” reason in any way.

  7. Naim GRIZZLY

    I started to follow you when we had an argument over Pitbulls and their reputation and yet I just love your videos bro your a cool dude your dog is amazing just so smiley each time I love her I do love to see that link between you and your dog it makes it great and we teach alot whit your videos keep up the great content brother

    • Inside The Dog-World

      That’s awesome! Yeah they are willing to learn and they want to perform. Aslong as we humans can get them to understand what we want there’s no problem 🙂

    • Naim GRIZZLY

      Inside The Dog-World yeah need to have the good way to do it then all be fine don’t need to be in a hurry tbh sit was instantly at 3months 1/2 and paw was at 4month and lay was a week ago spent a lot of time and energy on it I want’d it to be done instantly but doesn’t happen like this need some time btw can I ask at what age you got your dog what age he or her is now and at what age you learned him sit lay paw don’t move don’t touch etc just to evaluate if my training is good or I should do more I do like 1h à day maybe each 2 days

    • Inside The Dog-World

      Ah that’s great!! I took care of Molly when she was 7 months old. She could sit and lay down, Everything else is trained with me and Molly alone. She’s a very Quick learner, she learned to bark at a object I’m pointing on to guard it in 5 minutes, I got very impressed I must say.

      She was around 2 years old when we started to do more advanced exercises, because I had to focus on her socializing skills and stuff like that, she had bad owners Before so I had to focus on teaching her common sense and to calm down!

    • Naim GRIZZLY

      Inside The Dog-World Allright cool bro thank you for your time I really enioy watching your videos I’ll be making a new Instagram account whit my dog’s pics and vids and I will post it here tonight again thank you

    • Inside The Dog-World

      Thanks! Yea the most important thing that I tell people who ask is just to Always be positive, don’t be angry at your dog, stop the exercise at a positive note, don’t do it for to long ( they will be tired mentally and you notice this when they more easier break their concentration).

      Write down your Insta when it’s made! 🙂

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