Baby and Puppy meet for the first time!

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First meeting of puppy and baby!!!

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  1. Mike Ryan

    Kid seemed a bit heavy-handed. The puppy was astoundingly benign.

  2. noah glenn

    Aww :3 they are so adorable

  3. Damn baby kept attacking the puppy and then made it go away!

    • Mike Ryan

      +The Bastard, YouTube Villain
      My tribe? The Saxons, you mean?

    • The Bastard, YouTube Villain

      +Mike Ryan Delusional much? Hillary’s identity politics crowd knows less
      about Marxism than you do, and last time I checked, it was your tribe’s
      rhetoric that constantly attacked American citizens and the founding
      principles of this republic.

      You’ve been played for a fool. When Trump told you he’d drain the swamp, he
      didn’t tell you that he’d fill his cabinet with whatever he found crawling
      in the muck.

    • Mike Ryan

      Give it a rest. You and your fellow anti-Americans lost. America will
      recover now from all that Marxist destruction.

    • ExclusiveLM

      …….. Yea it was like Donald Trump reacting to a Mexican.

  4. Shahrukh Shah

    This person has the perfect life

  5. Destany Makel

    you can tell the dog will be very loving, they will have a great bond.

  6. Samuel Holmes

    Baby: Hey, this thing has fur like my teddy bear, but it MOVES! That’s cool!
    Puppy: Why is this human so SMALL???

  7. Arno Victor Dorian

    Your bird looks really sick you should see a vet.

  8. Frank Prete

    This is so cute 😂👍🏻

  9. Tyresha DaPrincess

    So cute 😍

  10. nightcore fan

    I saw this on tv

  11. Candice Tyler

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

  12. PowerWoWTV

    Lol i think the parent should have intervened when the baby flared its arms
    wildy, like a gentle hand ” ahhhh, niceeeee . “

  13. swiperboy sb

    lol dumb got sick of getting hit by the dumb baby

  14. lovemana85

    At the end the dogs like “fu!k this sh!t I’m out.”

  15. Gabby Alvarez

    Cutest thing ever

  16. CountryButterfly56789

    Too cute!

  17. Umbra Trickster

    when those two grow up they will have a tight bond

  18. Sarcastic Sugar

    Day 487 of being lost in endless animal videos…

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