Baby Loves Siberian Husky Dog!

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Baby Loves Siberian Husky Dog! Madison just wants to hug and kiss Husky. I lover their interaction.

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See all their videos here:

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  1. hydrors215

    Also I’ve replace the smoke detector,s battery awhile back. Thank you for
    everyone’s concern regarding the smoke detector.

  2. Daniel Jackson

    so cute

  3. The dog is like “Ok, I played my part and did your stupid YouTube video
    thing, can I have my biscuit now?”

  4. Dog is like “oh my god, leave me alone”

  5. Angela Ponder

    100 reasons why you don’t let a toddler play with a dog. That dog is super
    patient. Your one lucky child.

    • siberian huskys are pack animals by nature, they are also intelligent dogs
      and have an affinity to children, unlike bulldogs, Labradors for example

    • Pawel Regulski

      “if the dog reacts badly then its the dogs fault”
      Err, no it isn’t. the dog doesnt know the intentions of the child and might
      see it as a threat, even if it is bred to be friendly to children or
      whatever. dogs can eventually get mad after a while, they dont know your
      intentions and if they get annoyed because of constant… hugging(?) they
      will attack and tbh have the right to do so

    • Siberian huskys been bred for generations close in chuckchi
      families(Siberian natives), so they know how to handle little children on
      genetic level.

    • SuperTjss

      Its a cute video but I never understand why people let toddlers man handle
      pets, they might not mean to be rough but we know when toddlers grab your
      mouth it hurts lol if the dog reacts badly then its the dogs fault.

  6. joe cugini

    PLEASE Hydrors215, stop promoting racism to children!!!

  7. Stopped watching half way…That dog is being tested for his patience…

  8. The Bartek33

    1:37 husky dead

  9. When she went in for the hug at the beginning <3 Oh, my heart!

  10. I have had multiple Huskies over my life and i am hyper aware of their
    Your dog is stressed, but tolerant. It can be pushed to a point of
    aggression. You need to know
    that before your kid gets hurt. Be smart teaching your child about animals
    and when to give them space.
    And maybe give the dog a name, Not just “kiss husky” ***people** :/

    • Alexandra Armbrust

      +Justin Powers I didn’t mean no disrespect. I As a mother, with a husky, I
      just was stressing my thoughts of the importance of safety with children
      and animals. Have a nice day! My apologies if I offended you in anyway.

    • Justin Powers

      Get over it,cry baby.

    • Alexandra Armbrust

      I have a husky as well and 2 small children. My dog never shown any
      annoyance to my children like this husky did in the video. I think it’s
      important to watch how an animal reacts towards children. Especially since
      they don’t know better, they pull tail, poke eyes etc.

    • Mark Aragona

      I agree. Dogs also typically don’t like to be hugged. I noticed this with
      my dog as well.

  11. Eli'Yah Busby

    This dog has the worst life…

    This is how pets get hooked on drugs. It’s the only way they can cope.

  12. Militant PATRIOT! (Dinky)

    Poor doggie, damn irritating kids.

  13. Deep Sarkar

    It’s a darling <3

  14. Seth Sullivan

    Lol this reminds me of that scene from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
    with the horse and the baby.

  15. House of M

    Husky mind 1 day will payback this Kid when she gets Older hehehehehehe

  16. This is how kids get bitten eventually. Fucktards.

    • Blue_Lugia

      And then their mommies blame the dog, like “it’s too dangerous to have near
      kids. ” 😔

    • Blue_Lugia

      And then their mommies blame the dog, like “it’s too dangerous to have near
      kids. ” 😔

  17. Sato ichiro

    that cute! ♡

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