Banjo – Cockapoo Puppy – 3 Week Residential Dog Training at Adolescent Dogs

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13 week old Banjo needed help with toilet training, play biting, jumping, pulling on the lead and general obedience. Trained by Senior Instructor Natalie Rumbold –

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  1. Ava & Mia

    Amazing work, quick leaner Banjo is.

  2. Kelly Haight

    So cute and smart

  3. Annie O'Connell

    what a good pup!! amazing training skills on your part, too! i was wondering…what type of boots are those?..i love them!

  4. EaT/Sleep/Breath/HOCKEY 87


  5. Keiffer lover

    I like how his ears flop in the wind

  6. Honeyl L

    I want one.

  7. Londan W

    Amazing! Such a good, wonderful, and cute pup!

  8. lindsaym1985

    What an amazing little dog 🙂

  9. Ross Whitby

    Lovely little animal and so responsive to your training a pleasure to watch

  10. Jenna Fabulous

    I can only hope my pup will be this amazing!

  11. Dane Cross

    1:24 should have gone under

  12. Dane Cross

    what a well behaved pupper!

  13. How 2 holly 101

    Banjo looks like my puppy holly like the same dog

  14. Ellen Cameron

    she’s so well behaved

  15. trixi1608

    Such a sweetie 🙂 And so clever..

  16. Alex Dawson

    How do you keep his eyes and attention on you!!!!

  17. TheSwanprincess101

    Is this dog some kind of prodigy?

  18. Kenny Leedham

    How amazing !!!!! you’re brilliant !!!!

  19. Harper Howard

    The first dog looks like my cokapoo

  20. Maurice Moe Cannon

    good video i love how you are so dedicated to training your dog but your are not telling us how to do it!!!

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