Best Friends – a kid, a dog and a puddle

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Arthur's Dad has just written a beautifully illustrated children's book – please check out if you have five minutes!

Watson the dog stands by while the boy does a quick assessment of the puddle situation. Could this be the cutest video ever?

Watson is a 12 year old Shar Pei.

You can't watch this on phones or tablets because I have used a copyrighted music track (Queen's You're My Best Friend) and the copyright owner (EMI, I believe) has automatically stopped it appearing on those devices. Don't know why.

Little Arthur takes a break from walking his dog to play in a puddle, taking a stroll through the woods with 12-year-old Shar Pei Watson. Arthur treks through it before deciding to head back and splash around some more.

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  1. tsmeman63

    Well trained dog that holds place when his adult owner tells him to, from a
    distance. Looks cute, but I can’t be fooled. I trained my dogs the same
    way. You can also see the dog still looking for eyecontact with his boss.
    But, like I said, nice video.

    • Julian Burrett

      Yeah, I hear that a lot. But the dog wasn’t well trained – it was
      fifty-fifty whether I could get him to sit for a biscuit. He was a bit lazy
      and always glad to rest on a walk but that’s about it. It really was just a
      nice moment that I was lucky enough to capture one day, so nobody’s being
      ‘fooled’. You’ll notice an absence of exceptionally well-trained dogs on my
      other videos. Thanks for taking a look.

  2. Rafid hassan oney

    I love this video ! see this often ! :)

  3. GTX 980 Benchmarks

    Dude I love this video, like I’m not even joking! Dude it’s the best.
    Anyways, sub to my channel I post content just like this. Thanks!

  4. Muros de vento

    I can not get enough of watching, it’s beautiful…

  5. Jesus Castillo

    I just put my shar pei down on July 9th, would’ve been 12 in October, the
    hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life!

    • Julian Burrett

      It’s rubbish, but it’s worth it.

    • Dawn Pruitt

      I feel your pain. I had to put my Shar Pei Bosco down 3 months ago. He was

    • Julian Burrett

      I’m sorry to hear that. 12 is a good age for them. It’s what Watson got to,
      too. Arthur’s six now and still gets upset when he remembers Watson. But a
      young, mental labradoodle called Hector is helping!

  6. Dawn Pruitt

    Love this video.

  7. Jiggy Socke

    very cute

  8. Mozza Rella

    This is my go-to video whenever I feel stressed out and sad. My happy pill

  9. kalkazar13

    Roger Ebert brought me here

  10. Rex my Pitbull-Sharpei Dog

    Subscribe to my channel to see video about my Pitbull-SHarpei mix ” Rex”

  11. Ivan Timmerman

    hahaha it’s like ‘ okay human pup, I got excited over puddles your age

  12. Pat McCann

    That is simply fantastic.

  13. mireille pissens

    hahahahah so cute <3

  14. I was having a bad day then watched this. ;-)

  15. Rex my Pitbull-Sharpei Dog

    Great video.

  16. yeaaah!!! best friend ever!!!!!!!

  17. Padmaja Neelam

    How adorable is that……

  18. StlyDutch

    Well done parents. Raised a very kind and obedient dog, and a gentle
    playful kid.

  19. cybernova


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