BEST FUNNY DOGS COMPILATION 2015 – 30 Minutes of Best Dog and Puppy Fails!

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BEST FUNNY DOGS COMPILATION 2015 – 30 Minutes of Best Dog and Puppy Fails!

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  1. Ronald Willbanks

    I’ve always wondered… What language do dogs think in

  2. Good example of Humans being cruel,and enslaving another species,and
    thinking it’s cool.

  3. Troll Vãi Tếu

    hihi pull dog

  4. Rhett Riley

    *”Kerry was a very bad dog. He could not be trusted off lead, would pull
    terribly when on lead and if he saw other dogs, he would pull you off your
    feet [Details Here === *
    ]. When allowed to socialize with other dogs, he would hump them so much it
    would start a fight. I owe may gratitude to Doggy Dan for his trainings
    that brought Kerry under control.”*

  5. that slow-motion walk when they are guilty :)))))))))))

  6. chris millor

    they make me laugh so much

  7. M Sherazi

    Dogs are the smartest animals on the planet

    • — ; TheShadowWolf.

      I absolutely love dogs, I am a dog person. But, chimpanzees are actually
      the smartest animal known. Dogs are definitely high on the top ten
      intelligent animal’s list, but they aren’t the smartest.

    • M Sherazi

      Humane Lejarde Also, normally I would not type anything in regards to
      language. Your grammar is incorrect: “neh” What is that word? “Is” should
      be replaced with are, and “animal” should be animals. 😊👍🏽

    • M Sherazi

      Humane Lejarde NO. We are organisms, but we are not technically in the same
      category. And honestly, even if we were in the exact same category, in many
      ways dogs have senses that are more highly developed than ours to perceive
      danger- in humans or in their surroundings.

    • Humane Lejarde

      M Sherazi neh humans is the smartest animal on earth

    • Shawn Barrett

      SmilingVsGaming P 38 rì284a 2

  8. # unicorn

    cooles Video

  9. Erik Schauer

    None of the dogs who chewed things up aren’t bad, I had a puppy sense 3
    weeks or so and NEVER had a problem with chewing problems, might be because
    I had a chew toy but still

  10. life of pets!!

    The thumbnail dogs are not even real those are silicone puppies look it up

  11. Linda Hayes

    My “pet peeve” ate stupid people who let their dogs walk on hot concrete or
    asphalt when its freezing or hotter than hell outside. If you think its
    okay take off your shoes then and you do it. Great video 👍

    • Linda Hayes Dog paw are made to withstand hot concrete and other
      temperatures, so they basically feel nothing.

  12. Damion Young

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  13. Angelo Josef Gatan

    The dog who keeps rolling is like “They see me rollin they been cuted.

  14. Denis Cavalcante


  15. Andreiacat Ferreira

    I LOVE Y


    🐶 Dogs is very good

  17. whitwhit87

    lmmfao at the guilty dogs

  18. Enoc Hernandez

    “what juu do that elmo chair”😂😂

  19. Sora Soarelui


  20. Balala lala

    i really want to have a dog .

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