Bigfoot sought by Trump’s Government

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Bigfoot sought by Trump's Government. Government spooks try and steal frozen Bigfoot Body
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  1. tom underwood

    so is a fucking Brain sought after by the Trump Government because no one in his administration has one !

    • tom underwood

      Tj+Michelle McCarthy the people who believe these videos are the same people who thought Mexico was going to pay for are wall lmfao

    • tom underwood

      Yes it is he plays to people gullibility

  2. Cool, I want one! Next time Peter, NO warning shot……

  3. Rodrigo Aguirre

    did the cops take it

  4. Its you Peter, they are after weapon x. You are a bigfoot mutant now from all the blood consuption.

  5. mmalands Allen

    What are they checking for on your property? aren’t those used to measure radiation and stuff like that in the air??

  6. Duane Hampton

    This guy should be locked up, let Bigfoot free

  7. John Reid

    might be the Mellon heads trump is aftr

  8. powerbean

    what is a giger counter?

  9. Jason Hampton

    dude i thought i was the only one that had bigfoot parts in my deep freezer. good to know im not the only one. my dad shot one to.

  10. The guys tapped

  11. mmalands Allen

    💜 it..
    you got cabin fever fast…
    Big foot’ is gonna come around looking for he’s mellon chick watch out.👀

    • Bob Nation

      Peter! You crack me up!
      But on a more serious note….
      Love to to see a pic of watermelon girl….😉

  12. ron helix

    I bet it was the Men in Black trying to get their hands on the Bigfoot.
    The Government wants to clone him and use those clones as a Miilitary strike force ( like in the movie Predator ) You may be the last hope for mankind Peter. Never give up the Sasquatch, His immense power is much to much for our current Government, and would lead to way to complete annihilation …

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