Boxer Dog Training 101: 5 Basic Tips To Train Your Boxer

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Boxer Dog Training: 5 Basic Tips To Train Your Boxer
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The sixth most famous breed of dog in the United States is the Boxers. The boxer breed of dogs are medium in size, square build with a short back, but they have short but strong limbs along with a very tight-fitting coat. All the muscles of the body of this breed are very well developed and clean. They are developed to work as the guard, and some are even used as the companion. All the boxers need an excellent nutrition for attaining the perfect shape and size. They are born active, friendly and apart from that they are one of the strongest breeds of dog. The top 5 tips for the training of boxer are given below.

Tip 1: As the owner of a boxer you should be aware of the distinct personality trait of this breed. You should start training your boxer from the puppy stage and at the same time, it is very necessary to make yourself aware about the breed of dog you are handling. By the age of three weeks, the boxer learns to obey simple commands which are necessary for the training of it. The boxer is very loyal and harmless, and they are also playful. So, you need to train them from the early stage of their life.

Tip 2: You should not forget about socializing of your dog. Like other breeds, this breed of dog needs to interact with other dogs throughout their whole session of training. The puppies love to play with other dogs, interact with human and for this reason; you should take your dog out every day for socializing. Otherwise, as they do not like to be a loner, their aggression will come out in the form of biting, chasing, loud barking, etc.

Tip 3: If you are training them then exercise is a must. Without a regular practice session, you cannot ensure a healthy life of the boxers. It can be of any type of sports or outdoor activity. These activities will keep them active as well as their growth will be appropriate.

Tip 4: Do not forget to give a reward to your dog. If you are interested in providing proper training to your dog, then you must arrange few treats as rewards. Praise them after each successful session and they will be very happy. It is not always the food; you can give them new toys and even a pat on their head saying “Good Job” is also perfect for them. Being always strict will make your dog grumpy.

Tip 5: Visit the veterinarian in case of any problem. During the training session, your puppy may face any kind of physical difficulty or problem. Take the help from the vet if you see any change in the behavior of the puppy.
These are some basic rules of training of your boxer. Do these things and you will be able to train your dog remarkably.

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