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The Boxer then spread to America and all parts of the globe early last century.
Boxers are a wonderful all-round family companion dog.
Boxers are a superb blend of clownish playful personality, high intelligence, athleticism and family protection dog with a lovely affectionate nature.

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  1. zilvinas ignatavicius

    Well i had boxer and i know boxer is best dog

  2. Logan Mann

    I wanna boxer

  3. Thomas Giardina

    I have 2 boxers they r the best

  4. Nike23 Air23

    Love boxer breed so fun make humans life more enjoy 4 both us

  5. Yo hacker

    Plz give me 1 baby boxer

  6. I love my boxer. He is the best!

    • The Dog Show

      Enjoy watching The Dog Show.
      We really hope you enjoy in our video material that we have prepared for dog lovers.
      Have a great day.

  7. VIKEY D

    hi i have a boxer she is always Lacey what can i do plz help me

  8. Art Medina

    Hate seeing boxers with long tails

    • big cheese

      Art Medina lol it dosent seem normal to me my boxer has his cut

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