Brave Kitten Stands Up to Dog

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You really have to give this little kitty some credit for being so brave. That Rottweiler didn't stand a chance!

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  1. Segorisk Johnny

    this dog is 100% playing, you don’t need to see a tail wagging to realise
    that.. anyone who owns a dog can tell lol, he was also in range he pulled
    away as the cat approached and dropped again to floor level, dogs do this
    to initiate play. try doing it with your dog, they’ll know what’s going on
    and dive at you lol, if the cat was playful back (it was unsure and a bit
    scared) the dog would have just rolled on him/put paw on him, that’s why
    there’s a leash the kitten is so fragile, n probably would have got hurt
    unintentionally if the dog wasn’t careful.
    I’ve seen this exact behaviour when introducing kittens to my dogs in the

    • elder god demonbane

      +Segorisk Johnny​ well if you were more specific in the first place then
      perhaps i would have got your jokes which you weren’t, that’s why i took
      you as a troll.

    • Segorisk Johnny

      +elder god demonbane I’m messing mate, but the mention of your mother was
      to help you read my comment properly. the 2nd message was me basically
      confirming your mother cannot help you either.

      both were jokes that I shouldn’t have to explain.

      and the “Oooooooooo” is that typical mum joke reaction.

      don’t worry about it too much, it was just a joke!

    • elder god demonbane

      +Segorisk Johnny​
      1 spliff was not what i wanted to know but ” -puts down spliff
      yea… yeaa….YEA?!?
      you’re mum can’t spell mate OOOOOoooooooooooooooo” is. Besides what does
      it have to do with my previous comments anyway?

      2 reread the comments again, the reason i said you were acting high was
      because you mentioned my mother for no reason.

    • Segorisk Johnny

      don’t call me high then deny understanding of the word spliff, what else is
      there to understand? XD

    • elder god demonbane

      +Segorisk Johnny I
      Don’t even know what you are trying to say

  2. Tanya Rosario

    Awe I hate the part when the guy freaking pushes the kitten closer 😭

  3. Stephen Williams

    I think the dog just wants to play.

  4. raymond serna

    the dog was playing around if he wanted to he would of ate that cat

    • oaksterdam

      +kill’s all creepypasta didnt u see the playful behaviour of the dog? jeez
      idiots disliking this

    • Zero Tales

      +Landon1Jensen mean while dogs are saving lives and cats sit on their asses
      and lick their butt holes

    • koolkitty8989

      And cats are meaner, hence why they win. Mean sharpclaws FTW 😛

    • Landon1Jensen

      Dogs can’t eat cats, cats are way tougher than dogs, dogs are mean

  5. SwollenCranium

    You fucking faggots … stop being a fucking prick and leave that cat

    I’d pound your fucking face if if I were there.

  6. Marc Antony

    The dog is the brave one.

    • Segorisk Johnny

      +Marc Antony LOL, I love how he just never typed back, bloody idiot. why do
      dumb people think they are ahead in the game? like some defence mechanism
      for a dumbass to survive in todays society.

    • TheBeist Norsk Gaming

      Beacous its with the kitten

    • Marc Antony

      +Sebastian Wojslaw Yeah because I really needed someone to explain that to
      me, lol. I didn’t anticipate people being naive enough to actually think I
      was being serious when I typed that. I mean, really?

    • Sebastian Wojslaw

      +Marc Antony oh but still the kitten is braver because it is smaller and
      standing up for itself

    • Marc Antony

      +Sebastian Wojslaw I know how to spell. I said “No youre are” to mock Perez
      for typing “youre.”

  7. jackcarterog001

    Kitten is being traumatised

  8. Johnny Cash

    Not cool. Poor kitten must be fearing for his life

  9. John Galt

    NO. That is abuse to the kitten you morons. Fucking fools.

  10. Did the kitten buck at the rottweiler????!!!!!! I just passed out laughing,

  11. msgtslotter

    and I’m here again

  12. Why this video? Animals are not toys!!!! Stupid human being!

    • Nigelkarp Splashberry

      The dog was just being playful they lay down like in the video to start

  13. Nik Kalos

    The dog feels playful, def not being nasty.

  14. marcus owens

    How do u feel getting over 44 million views

  15. King Lear1964

    That kitty is a badass.

  16. ultragreenyellow56

    🎵what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger🎵

  17. betsy dey



    Dog: “I’m gonna getcha, I’m gonna getcha haha!”
    Cat: “Try better! This is so much fun!”
    Humans: “Oh my God. That is one brave cat.”

  19. Trinity Prothro

    The dog was trying to play but this rude kitten was all like “step up!” XD

  20. milymileena

    Brave Kitten: “You better back the f*** up befor you get scratched the f***

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