Cane Corso “Ace” 3 Yrs Protection Dog Training & Sales W/PDS

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Super Cane Corso, "Ace" showing off his protective side while maintaining control. Without obedience protection work is of no value. Fun, happy, kid friendly, home raised with early, early positive reinforcement work backed up by traditional compulsion work to gain consistency.

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  1. Anderson C

    A question. I’m not a troll. But I have a question I’ve always wanted to ask dog trainers about. No one would reply. And that question is…In a real life situation the “bad guy” might be armed with a knife or a iron bar. If not he would certainly be punching or kicking the dog as hard as he can to get the dog to release it’s bite. If you don’t train him in the exact same way as in a situation he might be in…how do you know he’ll react the way you want him to? Would they not be like a boxer that has never stepped into a r ing?

    In all the training videos dogs view it as a game. Play time. Tails wagging. I’ve never seen a dog aggressive, in attack stance with teeth showing/growling.

    • Anderson C

      +David Harris Thanks for replying and explaining. And not taking offence. As I wasn’t trying to discredit you. I’m guessing it works or you and other trainers wouldn’t still be in business.

      Just seems like if the dog has never been punched or kicked with full force, some one trying to stab it with a knife, iron bar swung at it’s head…it might just put it’s tail between it’s legs and run. Or freeze, start shaking and cower…

      Like a martial artist (2x wk, never been in a real fight) vs a boxer (spars in ring/competes). One has been hit trying not to be knocked out.

    • David Harris

      Muzzle work prepares a dog for real life situation. Under arm equipment, prosthetic equipment. It is all progressive and based on age and mental maturity.

  2. Chris Aiken

    Beautiful dog and outstanding work you’re doing with him.

  3. Ruby's K9s

    How much does Ace weigh?

  4. david miller

    he little sl

  5. wellnative1

    Love!! <3 <3

  6. Heidrun Schwartz

    i like this work. but for sports people and non professionals i don’t like them ot train all the kinds of bulldogs in protection work. they do better with german and belgian shepards. because: if you get something wrong with a shepard dog and make him too aggressive – most time you can fix and handle it – even with malinois. but if the bulldogs get something wrong because they are made aggressive and aren’t trained and raised in a balanced manner but get vicious – you can only euthanize them … they should only do that kind of work in experieced hands like yours. or very dedicated people who really know what they are doing.

    • David Harris

      I don’t develop this bred for sale for many good reasons. I have a video where I discuss German Shepherd and then what I call the “Other” breeds.

  7. Extra Amazingkids

    When he said he looks prettier than you I died

  8. descandelus

    why is the owner selling if hes such a good dog?

    • Heidrun Schwartz

      that’s such a sad reason. blessings for that man and you to help him. it’s hard to loose the wife and the dog 🙁 might his fate change to the better !!!!!!!!

    • David Harris

      His wife died in a car accident and he has to relocate or lose his job. Thanks for asking. We are all in tears for him.

  9. Thomas Morgan

    I follow you daily
    .Wish I could afford your amazing dogs Why now do you show this dog ? 3 year old ?

    • Heidrun Schwartz

      Paa, it’s sometimes a great decision if you are a first time dog owner and get a well raised and trained dog. i often recommend people with little kids to get a 2 year old dog where you see what you get. let a professional help you to evaluate the dog. often dogs are sold not because of problems with the dog but with the job or a pair splits up – no more right care for the dog or such. i once took in a wonderfull dog from very nice and responsable people. so if that dog was not abused but loved and if that dog then has the right temperament and good basic training you can build on that. but if you are a first time owner, have a puppy and children and don’t know how to deal with the problems – you might get a reactive dog. you never would let a first time horseperson ride or train or get a horse that is not allready trained to be saddled and ridden. but you take him to an experienced horse that can deal with his mistakes and train the human first. but we do it with dogs all the time: put two unexperienced people together and expect that will go well.

    • Paa Hawkins

      Isn’t this where issues with dogs come with having previous owners?

    • David Harris

      Owner is considering selling him.

  10. American Mastiff

    where are you guys located

  11. Filiberto Manriquez

    how much of “obedience” is training and how much is genetic?

    • David Harris

      Without good genetics obedience is more difficult by a factor of 10X. Without knowledge, practices and patience a lot of good genetics goes to waste.

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