Canine Behavior – Foundation Style Dog Training (

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Watch the Dog Training Guys here: . Knowledge is the first layer in the Foundation Style Dog Training System. Go to our web site for a unique online dog training experience.

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  1. Youngster Joey

    Can you link to the next layers? Like Health, then Attitude, etc.

  2. Dog Training by


    Actually, it gets much worse than this…

  3. hannibal von-baronburg

    what is wrong with people. Pls show ur support .I guess what Mr Negativity here is trying to say in his ever so negative way is…. you guys go over and beyound to make really interesting, exciting and very educational video . You guys are unique and sound amaaaazing together when you say “We r the dog training guys”. BRAVO!!!

  4. ItsADogsLife

    We have a choice – watch or don’t watch. Me, it makes me smile so I say “Don’t worry IT’S A FREAKING FREE VIDEO!” 😉

  5. Everything Why Don't We

    I love this. 😂❤

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