Dalmatian Dog Training and Obedience

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The only spotted breed, the Dalmatian is alert and active, possessing great endurance, speed and intelligence. Their working and sporting heritage makes them suitable as both a family pet or performance animal, and they are often found in the show, obedience and agility rings, or galloping alongside a horse as a coach dog in "road trials." Their short coat is white with black or liver (brown) spots.

this video include heelwalk,jump,rest,pottry training ,sit-up ,handshake namesta,salute,stay,come,go,crowl,than more

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  1. tanmoy kumar Das

    what was the age of this beautiful dog when the video was taken?

  2. Chintz Grg

    Poor dog seems scared of the trainer. Be more humble with her plz.

  3. Nilisha Shrestha

    anybody knows of good breeder for dalmatian?

  4. Caliente TV 210

    I hope they didn’t eat the dog?! I know they eat dog over there!

  5. Biplab Shakya

    Bro.. Kati age dekhi sikako ho?? I own Dalmatian too

    • Professional Dog Trainers Nepal

      +Biplab Shakya 10 month ko age maa train deyako .teo 25 hour class ko performance ho

    • Biplab Shakya

      +anup uprety Mero puche (dalmation) 2.8 mths ko bhayo…. Is it okay to train now or should I wait till it gets Lil’bigger??

  6. Felix von Mentzer

    se if you can teach him parkour 🙂

    • Professional Dog Trainers Nepal

      +Felix von Mentzer yes i can , but required start in initial stage.

  7. abhishek shrestha

    where did train your dog

  8. abhishek shrestha

    malai ni train garnu teyo. can you help

  9. abhishek shrestha

    fb name

    • Professional Dog Trainers Nepal

      +abhishek shrestha Anup uprety

    • जय नेपाल नारायण गोपाल

      anup uprety
      bro yo dog k kam garxa yesle

    • जय नेपाल नारायण गोपाल

      anup uprety
      famly sanga pani ghulmil bhako video pani bhetinna ma pani liu bhaneko khai

  10. Ceilidh McPherson

    That dog is scared of its owner! you can tell with the dogs body language!

    • Maxim .Vanhalewyn

      +Ceilidh McPherson so true!

    • 310rebeccas

      +Ceilidh McPherson   I am seeing the same thing!! 🙁 So sad 🙁 Dog’s are truly forgiving and loyal, Whatever has happened to this pup, He still wants to please his owner 🙁

    • Ceilidh McPherson

      +310rebeccas yes exactly. I trained to be a dog trainer so I can read their body language I’m sorry but this video is sickening to watch. poor dog! owner needs to love the dog more.

    • Prem Sharma

      I see the same, the dog isn’t happy!

  11. Rajib Awale

    Basic obidence train garna kati lagchha labrador ko lagi

    • Professional Dog Trainers Nepal

      one month each 1 hour per day total 30 hour

    • canine companions

      please make sure you check our channel out, we are canine companions nepal your dog friendly dog training

  12. Spots on Spots

    Nice job and great dog!

  13. Sellie Koreneef

    fake Dalmatian… real Dalmatians have a spot above both eyes like mine… btw he looks scared and unhappy. I train my dog with jumping and stuff.. but only if he wants it. I give him much treats as well…

  14. जय नेपाल नारायण गोपाल

    kati mahina bhayo bro

    • canine companions

      please make sure you check our channel out, we are canine companions nepal your dog friendly dog training

  15. Sarah 1D

    I want this dog 😭😢💔💔💔💔I can’t wait to get one

  16. raj luffy

    I think that is not trained ….that dog is scared

  17. Mogol Suman

    If you love your dog 🐶. you can call good Boy or good girl not a good dog😠. Dog means kukur

  18. Samar Hamal


  19. Fsjsja Ansnsd

    Near me

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