Distance work hack – dog training

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This short dog training tutorial goes over how to teach your dog the concept of working at a distance from you first, before asking for precision behaviors like position changes at a distance (sit down stand)

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  1. Great job. Wish u could be around to train my beagle lol

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      Hum, my comment must not of posted… I LOVE Beagles 🙂 I had one for 17 years before my Chihuahua. She was the most wonderful dog 🙂

  2. The Pawesome Gang

    Awesome! 💗

  3. SkittleFries

    Kikopup! I miss seeing your videos all the time. I originally found you when I first got my husky, who is now 3 years old. She loves watching you too, and even seems to recognize Splash. Hope all is well, love the positivity and knowledge you have to share <3

  4. That’s a nice lawn.

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      I am one of those people who is obsessed with their grass 🙂 Because I get my dogs to run and jump I want to make sure the surface is safe. I am also a sucker for perfection 🙂

    • kikopup that’s awesome I envy that lawn I have 8 dogs and they completely dried it out on the front yard.

  5. esotericsean

    That was a helpful one! Thank you.

  6. PleaseStayTuned

    Dang your good. Another hole in my tool box patched. Thanks again 🙂

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      This trick really helped me with distance work. 🙂 I started doing it when training sidestepping at a distance… because my dogs were walking sidways but each step coming a little bit closer … and closer… so they were walking on a diagonal… This solved it.

    • PleaseStayTuned

      It’s awesome, I’ve been using the stop, walk up to the dog and feed the treat. Not nearly as sharp as this!

  7. david isr

    The dog is literally a trained solider.

  8. I love this channel, its made training our puppy so easy. The game changer for Kupo seems to be the free shaping. (It created a lot of material to work with!)

    I ended up showing off some of our puppy’s tricks on Imgur weeks ago and got a lot of curious folks asking for tutorials so of course, I told them to look you up on youtube.

    I hope some made it here since this channel was easily in the top 3 I go to when I’m looking for ideas or need help tightening up Kupo’s tricks.

    Keep up the good work! <3

  9. great as usual…can you explain or do a video on how to teach the “back” command?

  10. You have been the absolutely best trainer I have found both online AND in person. Sadly you are filling in the gaps being left by the trainer I’m paying. All I can say is THANK YOU for doing these videos.

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      We all learn as we go. We all learn from each other. I learn every day.

  11. Ana Larson

    How old is the pup here and how old did you start training with the frisbeed being thrown? Thanks.

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      She’s 24 months. I started rolling the frisbee along the ground and then started having her jump for it around 20 months, but very infrequently. You might have noticed in the video, my throws werent really good, because I was trying to get everything in the camera- better to throw further away so the dog can run after and jump normally. You can see she was caught off guard a little and jumped awkwardly

    • Ana Larson

      Your dogs are amazing, very inspiring, thank you for that! Blessings.

  12. ornamentalapplique

    Could you tell me which soft frisbee you are using?

  13. enyathepuppy

    So glad you’re back doing stuff on youtube. I love your videos 🙂

  14. 2listening1

    This is so cool!

  15. Inside The Dog-World

    I’m just in love with your dogs. Simple as that! Great video.

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      I am too 🙂 My two Border Collies are related. They are so smart, but I have to say Wish, the dog in the video, I have spent the last two years working on her fears of noises and people and dogs… I just keep building her confidence, its been a lot of blood sweat and tears.

    • Inside The Dog-World

      yea I hear you. Mine is too excited with people sometimes haha.. But I also train her confidence alot for parkour and such. But overcoming that kind of fear is not really comparable I guess. Mine is just over excited when people comes to visit or we just meet a friend outside for a walk. She has a problem of controlling that excitement which makes her just want to run as fast as she can everywhere.I took care of mine when she was 7 months old, she had two Young kids as owners but they lived with 3 other Young kids (17-20. I just assumed that it was a stressful Place, everyone was playing with her for a second then just leaving her in a excited state, never learned her to relax. The walks was just a Quickie and ofcourse they had to run from the door, down the stairs until they were outside so they could as quickly go back inside to their game or whatever it is. But what ever I and train, she will Always have this in the back of her mind (I Think) which just shows me how incredible important the first weeks/months of a Young puppies Life really is.

      I’ve learned so much when it comes to over stressed dogs (From happiness and excitment). It really differ from a stressed human (lol), because we can still Think, atleast some. my dog when over stressed makes her so stupid it’s beyond Words. Even tho she’s really the smartest dog I have ever trained and even seen. It’s true she’s so damn smart and willing to learn. I just have to together with her get her to calm down atleast a Little bit so she can come back to her ‘senses’. I’m still training her to Control her excitment but I guess I’m not very consistant when it comes to leash-walks and such with other people. If I’m alone it’s fine. But just knowing that somebody else is Walking with us even tho both are as calm as possible, she’s still so excited and can’t really walk without pulling. She can pull on the leash and when I stop or just say no, she turns around and run in a circle to release some energy I guess and then she ends up on heel position for one or two seconds, then she goes forward to sniff again. I’ve taught her that if she pulls, I’m just gonna stop until she will turn around and get back to heel position. So in a normal circumstance she don’t want to pull because then we aint going anywhere, which is boring. Anyway, it’s quiet tricky with her. Never seen a more excited dog, it makes her easy to train obedience and such with, and she’s so smart. She learned on 5 minutes a “guard command” which is basically that she will be Close to me and bark, if I move to Quick at her or run away she bited my protecting sleeve. But if I say no, I can aggrevate her as much as I want with running or touching her body and mouth with the sleeve. So I was very impressed of how fast she learned that “be ready and hold that person (myself) still”. Worth to mention that It’s just a game for her and I won’t go any further with that kind of training. She sees the protection sleeve exactl the same as the tug of war toy. Wupsie. I tend to write so much about Everything when the subject comes up..

      Keep up your good work, you’re helping alot of people & dogs which I also hope to do some day (as the channel grows). Have a fantastic day.

    • Rajashekara Shekara

      Inside The Dog-World

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      Your not writing too much, your painting a great picture of your dog and your relationship. I do think the anxiety and getting over excited by people is genetic… Lol. My chickens are smart, know how to get around an obstacle when they are calm, but when I call them when I have something they know is extremely yummy, they run in a panic toward me and cant figure out how to get round the simplest barrier. Its quite funny. But it makes me think a lot about how stress, good and bad, effects judgement.

  16. Dog Training by Kikopup

    Gosh, I looked at who are thumbs downing my videos… Weird that they mainly come from Canada. I always thought it was people from the USA.

    • PleaseStayTuned

      How can you tell? Most Canadians I know are pretty nice and not the thumbs down type, but that said I get frowns all the time and comments about my spoiled dog on a harness and treats. They are still very old school with animal training where I live on Vancouver Island. I see most labs on prong collars here and even a few shock collars. My lab was sooo hard to leash train….omg…he is 7 now and does really well but still we have to stop and regroup every so often each walk. I even offered a force free pro trainer (since the 80’s) to train him not to pull and I would do her entire website. He had her in tears…just zero impulse control (not her, my lab)….lol. I did the website but traded her for boarding when I travel….lol Your dvds on impulse control Harnessing the Hunter and Reactivity did help a lot but has taken years. Never did figure out where I might have gone wrong with him in his early training.

  17. Jose Nivlag

    Congratulations! Just saw you & Flash on NatGeo’ Wild”s World Greatest Dogs.

  18. Scotties, Frenchies and Friends

    Your videos are so helpful. Love watching them.

  19. how do you get rid of a lure? im still using lure with commands and im trying to use hand signals. also, how to keep a dog from going into sit position when yoy pull out the treats. its like she sees the treats automatically goes into sit so i can only do stand and down.

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      Im learning to make videos shorter and easier to follow – but this video I believe goes over position changes and how to remove the lure. Make sure to vary how many treats you give in each position otherwise your dog can learn that after eating the 1 treat, its the cue for the next behavior. And so they will offer for example, a sit after getting a treat in the stand position. If you want your dog to stand in front of you, move away from your dog, click or say yes as your dog approaches you, then mark and reward at a fast rate- say every few seconds, for your dog standing… If your dog sits move away and encourage your dog to you. Its not big deal to have a dog sit in front of you- I like my dogs to sit and sometimes to stand. So when I want them to stand when they are sitting I just ask them to. There are lots of tricks that involve the sitting position, and lots when the dog is standing. So another solution is just work on the stand cue more. 🙂

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my question.. i got my first doberman but I have had whippets, greyhounds, Ibizan hounds and sloughis over 30 years. I also read about the breed for a few years before i got her.

      Shes really smart and its really a different breed to what i am use to(having sight hounds)
      I went to a obedience class and I think my dog gets anxiety because were at a park and theres dogs everywhere and were in groups of say 10-12 and were in a circle so she keeps on barking and wanting to play with the other dogs disrupting the class so I am learning at home right now on youtube. She was very shy when I got her at 12 weeks and I got her out of it by walking down busy streets on the side walk since she would always freeze from cars, people etc. I think from her past and her being 10 months old its probably anxiety and having so many dogs looking at her in a circle. The lady who instructed the class was getting annoyed and told me I need to to figure out something else. So i stopped going there.
      I just found your site and your a really good teacher. I plan on learning the release cue stay command and come when called since I only taught her down, sit and stand.
      I know shes a puppy until 2 years old since doberman dont mature and fill out and mature at 2 so her attention span is not the greatest right now for practicing come when called.

  20. Rosemary Nero

    I love your videos!

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