DIY Dog games from Joyful Dog Training – “Spin the bottle”

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"Spin the bottle"
This game is soooo simple but your dog will LOVE it!  And, it's a great work out for Fido using his brain and his motor skills as he uses his paws, nose, mouth to spin the bottle and get those tasty treats!  
What you need:  1 plastic bottle, string, kibble.
How to play:    Cut 2 holes in the bottle, opposite each other, and about two thirds up.  Thread through some string.  Then tie each side of the string to something secure eg a drawer, a radiator.  
Let your dog watch as you put a few pieces of kibble into the bottle and rattle it to get him interested.
Once fido gets the idea of using his nose, mouth or paw to "spin the bottle" he'll LOVE it.

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  1. jeff Hollander

    Your dog looks just like my dog dozer

  2. Prince Hart

    Dog man

  3. the sniper

    mine would stomp the string and eat the bottle lol

  4. krave smith

    What breed of dog is he?

  5. joy what type of dog do you have?

    • Joyful Dogs

      He’s a Collie/Lurcher cross (I think!) – he’s a rescue dog so doubt there’s much ‘pure’ breed in there but we love him just the way he is 🙂

  6. hahaha love it

  7. Mystic Scale24

    My dog looks likes yours but smaller and like a chihuahua

  8. Michael Castaneda

    This is really clever! I’m going to try it.

  9. Rain fall

    Thank you so much I all ways have so many water bottles now I can use one I have already made a toy for my dog she will be so happy thank you

  10. Lorelai Nokomis

    OMG you’ve got way too much time on your hands!!!

  11. The Roller

    Great idea but I already know what my Doberman would do. One leap onto the bottle, two drawers, string, bottle, silverware and whatever else in the drawers laying in a pile, bottle shredded and kibble gone within a minute. Dog game over.

  12. Troy Jhon Mansueto

    My dog will instantly bite and destroy that bottle

  13. William Jose Alzate Restrepo

    q rasa es q hermosura

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