Doberman Attack Training (

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This Dobie is personal protection trained and available for sale to the right situation. He is VW clear (NON-Carrier). Fully trained in off-leash obedience and personal protection. Very high prey drive, very fast, agile, and high social aggression. Needs an experienced handler. Excellent example of an old style working doberman.

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  1. Franca Torta

    Vorrei che il cane vi mangiasse vivi. Siete più animali voi di lui!

    • Franca Torta

      Ha ragione,bisogna fare attenzione soprattutto a lasciare avvicinare i bambini a cani che possono diventare pericolosi, e dovrebbe essere vietato tutto ciò che può esaltare l’aggressività di un cane, a partire dagli accoppiamenti per creare razze particolari. Sono d’accordo con lei quando dice che questi cani possono essere adibiti a scopi particolari e quindi non dati in mano a qualsiasi persona, non tutti sono adatti a tenere un cane, spesso neanche un cagnolino a mio avviso; non li eliminerei perchè mi fanno pena queste povere bestie, ma ne vieterei il possesso tra la gente comune e non idonea. Buongiorno

    • Vilas Rane

      Franca Torta marathi marriage maamla marathidre

  2. brittney howard

    It’s funny how people think this is cruel, what do they think when they see MWD training being done? Ignorant people need to educate themselves

    • Kharami Sunato

      Smart Lady ;-} and oh so attractive as well. Winning-

    • Kharami SunatoI I was in the UK and Ireland in the first half through

    • Sydney Thompson

      True, hard to say training a dog to protect is inhumane when the breed was created for the purpose of protecting their handler in the first place

  3. Sabrina Sadeghian

    I don’t think it’s cruel, I know it’s cruel. Dogs are made to socialize, not to be aggressive socially

    • awatso64

      There are thousands of breeds of dogs and each breed was bred to do different actions. Dogs were used by humanity for thousands of years in everything and it’s the reason they’re known as Man’s Best Friend.

      Dogs can be trained for hunting, companionship, searching, tracing, entertainment, protection, etc. They’ve been used my humans for all of these reasons which is what makes them useful and the best help Man could have.

      They arent’ just limited to being petted and socialized with.

    • Aashir Anwar

      His this cruel. If u didn’t k ow dobermans are protective. They protect the ones they love and are smart enough to realism when people are in danger and subues the attacker he isn’t attacking their kneck one their arm so he isn’t being made into a killing machine

    • ღXhangeme ღ

      rizhem Dogs are usually for protection. Just because they are trained to attack bad people doesn’t mean they are prone to attack all people. You’re hella ignorant

    • Last Outlaw

      TwoHandedGrip excellent bro I love ur comment. Ppl are ignorant for AKC and the dogs become pampered babies

  4. Dries Vanderheyden

    the worst part of youtube is the comment section. Everybody shoves his opinion in everybody’s throat. How long will it take until people realise that you cannot convince somebody via ytcomments

  5. Nice to see a Doberman acting like a Doberman.

  6. bob jonwang

    If my male dobie even thought I might be in danger by a man he would attack that person, not just to stop them by biting them he would KILL that person. Or you would have to shoot my dog because there would be no way you could ever get him to stop. He is so strong and quick and he doesn’t feel pain when he is pissed.  He is the most loving, sweet and gentle dog our family has ever had. Fiercely protective of us, he would die protecting his family ~ no doubt. Dobermans need LOVE and attention from their people, every day. If you cant spend A LOT of time with this breed (every day) then they are not for you.

  7. ninjaman690

    what iv always wondered is if the dog were to see the same guy like the next day or a few days later, would the dog still try to attack him?

  8. You better pray that muzzle does’nt fall off!!!

  9. Home Is Here

    I don’t like this…. It gives these lovable clowns a bad rep

    • Angetox RodSash

      o god…… it’s a TRAINING.

    • Bonnie St Charles

      +DobermanRF Spent time working with Animal Control and we had to pick up dogs trained in this manner because they started attacking the family and had to be euthanize.


      Angetox RodSash uh… its a prick trying to destroy a doberman’s and k9’s reputation

    • bloodshot gameing666

      Bonnie St Charles no you didn’t you had to pick up dogs that weren’t trained and then we’re treated like an equal so it became aggressive

  10. Juville Beats ™

    A group of dump people. Yall don’t deserve to have them!

    • Dobe Lover

      You know what dog trainers, I’m 11 and I know more about the Doberman Pincher breed! They were breed to protect people, not kill them, they are smart, if you tell them, to be mean they’ll be mean, if,you,tell them to nice, they’ll be nice!

    • Juville Beats ™

      +HATER TROLL Oh yeah I’m sorry you’re right, because I have my music playing in the radio in USA. What is the biggest thing you have done in your life? 🙂 Are you an astronaut?

    • Juville Beats ™

      +HATER TROLL lol

    • CQN APDN

      +Renee Gould Don’t see the things as all black or all white. You don’t know everythink at 11. I don’t know everything neither. I trust people who know more than you and me, animal psychologist (what a passionate job!!!), because i know they love animals, and they never do bad things to them, and I think they say it’s ok to train dogs to attack, if that’s done by specialized vet (not anyone at home). If it’s well done, dogs keep being loving and normal dogs. Police dogs are not abused, and they love their owner. In many countries, police dogs live in the family of the policeman, with the children, and give a lot of hugs! The attack is a job for them, like some dogs are dogs for blind people, or drug hunting dogs. But I disagree with this video, because we can see a training, but we don’t know if it’s a proper training, and if the dog had a lot of love in his life. That’s really important to keep the dog loving, normal and balanced.

  11. cierra janay

    Okay I understand that Dobermans are great protection dogs, although how is this training going to teach the dog manners as well as teach it to protect? You are teaching this dog to attack people with a muzzle on, and yet even when it isn’t attacking, it needs a muzzle.
    That isn’t how you train a dog.
    Teaching it to protect is one thing, teaching it to attack anyone who makes a fast movement toward it, is asking for an accident to happen. Most police dogs aren’t trained with muzzles on their faces during these situations, you are teaching the dog that muzzles are part of its life. Teaching the dog without the muzzle teaches it discipline and obedience, to not bite unless commanded to. Your technique is teaching it to attack whoever makes a fast movement toward you. Giving this breed a bad name is what you’re doing with these animals. 
    I may add, the dog in the background barking obnoxiously, is going to raise the adrenaline level in the dog, which in a normal circumstance if someone breaks into your business or house, you wont have a dog in the same room building up the hype. Very uncontrolled situation. What a shame.

    • Minou Mohmad

      Je tame

    • Dobe Lover

      I full heartedly agree at this very moment I am snuggling get this breed! Is she a horrible beast, no, because she has been trained correctly, unlike that dog that you have destroyed!

    • meriobre lesuper


  12. ANonPaidAttorneySpokesperson

    The ignorance in the comment section!!!!

  13. Jean Merdelemonde

    des grands cons avec une petite bite!!!

  14. Trisha Chua

    My love is 13 yo. and I know she will die soon :'( Over the years I’ve had plenty of other dog breeds, but I find dobermans the most faithful and “in tuned” to their owners. I will get another doberman when she passes away. I love them.

    • Martin S

      +Trisha Chua Nice said. My little doberman girl is just 15 months and I love them too. When we’re out in the forest with other dogs she’s coming to stroke her nose on my lap. Just to say, its you I belong to. I can’t think of the day she passes away.

    • uspjeh zvijezda

      +Trisha Chua You should know that by feeding that your quadrupedal beloved friends with meat you create bad karma for yourself and also you should know that we are in the end of our days here on this planet Earth. Who do you think will settle your debts you will surely create!? That final punishment will receive those souls who feed others with meat and also those who eat it, that product of that great violence. Those all dogs and all domesticated animals are so sick by living close to those today’s the Iron Aged human souls who almost don’t have qualities that remain within them. So they could give sorrow and only sorrow to all other beings who are to come with them in touch.  PRAJAPITA BRAHMA KUMARIS WORLD SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY

    • Gamergurll 4life

      Mine lived to 18 years

    • Same. I have a 2 year old dobe named Gretchen and she is just the sweetest little girl ever😊 I don’t get why people are so scared of dobes😂

  15. jasmine chehreh

    Honestly training it to do all this is a waste of time because most of the time when someone is trying to break into a house just the look of a Doberman can make a guy pee his pants

    • Horace Debacle you T R I G G E R E D me!

    • Horace Debacle

      Wilfred ?

    • you comment triggered me

    • Rusty McRustFace

      Any large barking dog is going to keep someone out.
      But I am sure they aren’t training to just be guard dogs in your house

    • Ricardo VS

      Every dog is inferior to a human.. Its just a psycological advantage they have, you can kick their ribs in or use weapons so its better to Train the dog as best as possible you never know what Kind of Person they will face

  16. Hamad Kari

    what if this dog attacks some random person on the street? or is he trained to only attack people who are a danger.

    • Harem Azez

      yg_ahsan 1 xxxx

    • Anouar Biyadi


    • Dogs are not stupid stop saying bullshit my dog is aggresive asf on all dogs and cats and doesnt let anyone get on my house but he wont attack a human without a reason(also he doesnt attack small dogs and female) i have dogo argentino-pitbull mixed

    • bloodshot gameing666

      yeah the thing is when they feel threatened they attack they have to be walked with a muzzle on until the dog it’s fully trained so they won’t attack somebody Unless you issue the command then again there are idiots that train the dog to attack if somebody seems threatening that’s just a lawsuit waiting to happen real attack or protection dogs are trained specifically to only attack on command no matter the circumstances

  17. thybigballs

    All fun and games until his leash breaks

    • Franco Cepeda

      The owner can Call the Doberman off, without leash

    • Hiếu Tô

      Yeah, the whole point of training is to call the dog off without the leash

    • bloodshot gameing666

      because it’s not like it’s got a muscle on ho wait it does so what’s the danger

  18. Cha-cha Kyamba

    I feel bad for whoever brakes into your house 😂😂😂

    • Tsarlos Renteria

      The screeching sound would probably warn him beforehand, my dog would lick the intruder though :/

    • Cha-cha Kyamba

      +Tsarlos Renteria 😂😂😂 mine would 2

  19. Marko Wasovic-Glisic

    Germans in WW2 was trained German shepherd to jump to neck and slaughter, what is in they animal Nature.
    Doberman is stronger than the German shepherd and a better for self-defense for police purposes. But German Shepherd has a stronger intuition and hes better for guarding military bases, especially in wartime, at night. I have more confidence in the dog’s sense of smell,than in humans eyes.


      so you know here were talking about doberman not german sheperd, the doberman is better guardian dog that the GSD not by intelligence but by physical force and bite the intelligence is involved in other cases not at the reaction time of the dog that is traing to protect you….

    • Marko Wasovic-Glisic

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