Dog plays dead to avoid taking a bath!

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This dog does not want to give up, he keeps playing dead to avoid taking a bath. Maximum Cuteness!

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  1. Christian Braddock

    its easier to lift them when they play dead

  2. largol33t1

    When you have a dog that plays dead, you KNOW you have a dog that’s too
    smart. You’ll just have to show a LOOOOT of patience and remember to keep
    trying! My parents had a husky that outsmarted every German Shepherd in
    obedience school so they know how important that is!

    • longlivethe80s

      If you google the stupidest dogs in the world, the chow chow will come up
      on that list. Whoever came up with that obviously doesn’t know a damn
      thing about the breed.

  3. Bryana Good

    haha he is like “nooooooooooo”
    its nice that she is so patient with that big goofy fluffer.

  4. Milan kai

    Lmaooooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Haha thats so cute…

  6. Murial Browne


  7. Smart Dog😂

  8. Such a cute dog. What kind of dog is he?

  9. Olanrewaju Falae

    Almost everyone here.

    “People who eat dogs and cats are cruel and barbaric. They should eat
    chickens, pigs, cows, and fish like normal people do!”

    • dread knot

      Olanrewaju Falae the person who eat cows and chicken as the OP has
      mentioned is as guilty as those who eat dogs and cats. don’t be a

    • Olanrewaju Falae

      +lil piglit bravio I have absolutely no idea what you just said due to
      little to no grammar.

    • xthatwhiteguyx

      Why is it ok to eat a carrot, but not a chicken? Carrots don’t magically
      grow back. VEGECIDE IS NOT OK!

    • lil piglit bravio

      no animals but vegetables and fruits cause u r basically eating animals to
      sooo…. yea

  10. Dog: Dammit, here we go with this bs here. …

  11. InThaHood

    how cute another fucking disobedient dog

  12. Wayman Allen

    This is the Gandhi of dogs.

  13. Chang Felicia

    The dog’s name is sweet potato (蕃薯). So cute :)

  14. bellie serania

    pasaway na aso 😂😂😂 mas makulit pa keysa sa akin xD

  15. Chaotic Horizon

    Ohh boy.. I was just thinking (comment section must be full of morons going
    at it like “They eat dogs, tho!”). Youtube never surprises me anymore. I
    would be happy If I was wrong. Ironic really.

  16. Lupita Gonzalez

    you are a bich

  17. Farish Nuhad

    He See To Much YouTube XD

  18. Giselle Cinkus


  19. maybe they will just clean the dog and after it they will eat it

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