Dog saves cat from fox!

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BONUS extra scenes:

I DIDN'T NEED TO SAVE THE CAT MYSELF, AS THE DOG SAVED THE CAT. IT'S OBVIOUS. We had someone ready to stand in too incase the dog didn't save the cat. It was the safest way to deal with the situation.

My dog, Roxie (miniature labradoodle) saves the life of the cat from 2 doors down. A fox was initially threatening (staring at) the cat (pictures on my tumblr account). Roxie barks and scares the fox away.

My mum was the one who filmed it. Sorry she didn't zoom out or show the dog. I didn't film it because my video camera ran out of battery :(.

We had 3 people. 1 with the camera. 1 with the dog. 1 with nothing, ready to stand in to save our neighbour's cat.

There have been several cases of foxes killing cats in our area, so yes, it can happen.
Rabies was eliminated from the UK in the 20th Century, and due to strict rules, has only risen a couple of times since. So the fox is not rabid.

My dog was definitely barking at the fox. She doesn't really care for the local cat, and she was staring directly at the fox, trying to free herself to get at it. We were pointing the fox, and not the cat, out to her too!
RIP to Buster, the cat, who died shortly before the Christmas of 2012 :'(

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  1. 0:24 I’ll be back

    The fox is terminator

  2. Loreena Kromis

    dude why would you just stand there and record save the cat like wtf man
    dude I’ve had a cat who actually got attacked by a fox and it ripped open
    my cats stomach in the woods. dude ur f*** up man jeeso

  3. Pianoman 70s style

    I’ve been noticing that a fox looks like a cross between a dog and a cat.
    Dog nose and body. Cat eyes, ears and tail.

    • Mr Peaches Latour

      +Pianoman 70s style Nice one

    • Pianoman 70s style

      +Red Whovian I like Billy Joel ok, but the name has nothing to do with him.
      I play piano stuff from the 1970’s.

    • Mr Peaches Latour

      gentleman I think we can now reveal the missing link thanks to the wily
      observations of Billy Joel fan….

    • DonMrLenny

      He is also has a lot of catlike behaviors he is solitary from one hand but
      getting excited just like dogs

    • to me it looks like a ferret and a dog

  4. Joshua kruger

    28 seconds into the video look at the foxes eye it turns red

  5. Nicolas Williams

    more like

    cat runs away from fox while a dog is barking in the background.

    • Mr Peaches Latour

      Don’t ruin the click bait title, this youtube loader has a wife and kids to
      feed. He needs the hits.

    • Select Obvi

      Yea and the fox would have continued after the cat if the dog didn’t bark
      at him to warn him off ……… Give credit where credit is due…….

    • Nicolas Williams

      +Anon Silent_WD que x-files music

    • Anon Silent_WD

      your fucking here too wtf is going on

  6. xHead Huntahx

    Plot twist : it was the cat growling like a dog

  7. Amelia Waterhouse


  8. Aneta Cirkot

    the Fox looks ugly

  9. Crazy Twitzie

    0:28 I’LL BE BACK

  10. mrrickstur

    0:24 sharingan activated

  11. Metal19921701

    I usually sympathize foxes, especially when they are used for training the
    hunting dogs. But speaking about cats, I would approve the full fox`s
    elimination so that they wouldn`t do any harm to cats

    • Metal19921701

      You`re right. I`m talking. You`re buzzing off. Simple math

    • hashirama the first swagkage

      +Metal19921701​ Well since you’re talking I would like to ask a question
      who asked you? Nosey parker and buzz off

    • Metal19921701

      who are “we”? teenager anime fanboys? No one would value your opinion as
      well, not sure if you even have one though

    • hashirama the first swagkage

      Well you wish they could die and or be extinct well we don’t value your
      opinion 😕

  12. Brother Keith Lawson

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    presence in Kingdom power is clearly evident around the globe. We also see
    that the anointed ones who are still alive and part of “this generation”
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    Kingdom will come and exercise its rule over the earth! How thrilling it
    will be to witness the fulfillment of the prayer that Jesus taught us: “Let
    your Kingdom come”!

    • Nelson Wong

      I want to feed him to a lion

    • trixmix42

      Also, the regular blood transfusions i get to keep me alive might be a

    • trixmix42

      I will never set foot in a Kingdom Hall. I already know the truth. Too many
      inconsistencies in the teachings, and bastardizations of the bible. I’ll
      keep being an atheist. I’m much happier now.

    • Brother Keith Lawson

      +trixmix42 I won’t stop until you are baptized, and quietly occupying a
      seat in one of our beautiful Kingdom Halls. The only thing you should be
      worried about right now is, are you doing enough in your life to please
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    • trixmix42

      My family moved around a lot. We went to a lot of different congregations.
      They were all the same, with the same attitudes and the same beliefs. I’m
      glad I got out when I did. I refused to let them near my children. It’s a
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  13. Guy saves cat from a fox. SHOTS FIRED

  14. Λάμπρος Τάσσης

    Clickbait in 2012….*gets* 30 billion views for shitty quality…

  15. Jerry Randi

    What does the fox say?

  16. guys did you saw how the fox eyes went red

  17. 0:28 DEMON FOX

  18. Sage Antone

    Show the dog!

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