Dog sings Whitney Houston | Belgium’s Got Talent | VTM

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In het nieuwe seizoen van Belgium's Got Talent – vanaf 6 maart bij VTM – passeren opnieuw heel wat opmerkelijke kandidaten de revue. Zo waagt Lady Xena – een hond (!) – zich aan één van Whitney Houston's bekendste hits …

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  1. Angelina Moecker

    wie heißt das Lied

  2. Ibis Mariot

    My dog doen’t sing as well as this one,and I’m sorry,I can’t win money with
    it ! but it ‘s alway’s my best friend,doesn’t it ?!
    Sorry for my english langage,I’m french ;
    An old grany;

    • Khaled Saifullah

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      dogрrоfеssionаllу.Hеrе is the wеbsite ===> Dоg sings
      Whitneу Houstоn Bеlgium s Got Tаlеnt VТМ

    • Ibis Mariot

      Good mornig,my friend,from what country are you ?

    • Sans Fresh

      Hi(sorry for bad english)

    • Ibis Mariot

      Hey ! have you looked at my videos,my name chain is ” une famille française
      d’aujourd’hui “,in English, : ” A French familly from today ” ,you will see
      all my travel in France,Italie,Spain and also the adventures of my little
      dog,which name’s IBIS ( it’s its picture i use for my photography;From what
      country do you leave ?
      Your friend,from Bordeaux ;

  3. Shelly Mcclure

    get this dog a record contract ASAP.
    Best cover I’ve heard in a long time. He even hits some of Whitney’s notes.

  4. oh my God…that dog can sing better than me

  5. ChiaraDental

    it’s cute, but I’m not sure it qualifies as any sort of talent.

    • Millenium Venus

      His owner say it, he only want to show her to us 😉

    • I know she’s a female. Autocorrection.

    • Cea Aguirre

      Mishka is a female, not a male. She was singing on key better than this dog

    • Mishka didn’t sing, they used an app to make it sound like he sang

    • Cea Aguirre

      It doesn’t. It was the song selection. Beautiful song, but the dog
      “singing” was just normal, everyday, next door untrained dog
      barking/howling annoying. Mishka the Talking Husky did it better.

  6. Haley Grant

    Now this is talent

  7. Jenni Flyy

    This dog Is AWESOME! She CLEARLY knows this song. Practice has made

  8. zoinks shaggy

    That dog isn’t singing. He’s reacting to Whitney’s annoying and squeaky
    voice! It’s like a fire truck siren. It’s bothering and hurting his ears so
    the dog is screaming

  9. Bettina Helde

    i sing just like him, if i hear this song.

  10. Hanya Hage

    it felt like it was a human spirit in dog form and it wanted to speak out
    but it couldn’t no matter how much it tried

  11. Warsrecker

    Kind of odd that he touches the dog everytime he howls. I am not saying he
    hurts him, just that it looks like that the touching is a trained commando.
    It makes it easier that dogs usually howl a bit too when sounds are too
    loud or high pitched, but still looks like a trained commando.

  12. TexanLatinWhisper

    I am a huge fan of Whitney Houston and dogs so this is like HEAVEN sooooo
    cute!!!!! :)

  13. Jean Medeiros

    Só digo uma coisa… kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  14. Não é biscoito! É bolacha :3

    que coisa fofa ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤lindezaaaaa❤❤❤❤

  15. germaine Melotte

    hij of zij is zo cute kan beter zingen als mij :-)

  16. B Robinson

    OMGOODNESS, this is hysterical – I hope the dog won the contest – adorable!


    This dog singing better than meny human singers

  18. Susan Gloag

    I’d be like the dogs won!

  19. Denise Wilke

    love it so cute and funny

  20. Face Reality

    I’d rather listen to this dog then most shyt on the radio these days lol

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