Dog Surprises Officer After Being Freed From A Fence

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Via BuzzFeed

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  1. DarkWingDuck

    Get in loser we’re going shopping!´╗┐

  2. daniel dimino

    Hes like u saved me now ur stuck with me lol´╗┐

  3. Clint Watson

    that would have done it for me…”your going home with me boy”´╗┐

  4. Banjo Peppers

    I thought the dog was going to surprise him by licking him to death or
    something, this was even better.´╗┐

  5. The dog is brown. The officer is White. See, proof that cops are not

  6. Ron Koerner

    how is this video not all over Internet great video´╗┐

  7. dog: thanks for saving me..what’s for dinner lol´╗┐

  8. tommy crosbie

    animals over people any day´╗┐

    • Yeah, but it was because of the person that the animal was freed. People
      can be openly kind and generous too, you just don’t get to hear about as
      many beautiful deeds as terrible.

  9. Alex West

    that dog knew right away you were there to help him, look at his tail
    wagging as you approach.´╗┐

  10. greg77389

    If only humanity had as much respect for these officers as this dog does…
    Nowadays we’ve got retards going out and shooting the very people who keep
    us safe…´╗┐

    • Amonsterman01

      So true.

    • +JeSSEbism I agree, most of them are kind people. I disagree however with
      your last point. There are some assholes who want to be a police officer
      just to get some “power” over others and be able to harm others (criminals
      or not), but most of them can’t because they lack education, and so they
      become criminals instead.

    • JeSSEbism

      +Link Most of them are at least moderately decent human beings, assholes
      generally don’t want to be police officers. Assholes would rather get high,
      commit crimes and blame all their problems on police.

    • Dral Marev

      Well you most certainly implied it. Hell, even if you didn’t the majority
      of police officers are generally good people. Sure some may have an off
      day, but who doesn’t?

    • +Dral Marev I never said all of them are bad. Did I now?

  11. chris77777777ify

    He was wagging his tail.
    That’s a sign a dog doesn’t want to bite!´╗┐

    • Steven Wheat

      Further Into The Rabbit Hole
      The low wagging tail is hard to say, do to different breeds.
      From the times I got chewed on, it seemed to me that it was the opposite.
      Low wagging was a happy dog while high wagging wanted to eat you.
      But you’re absolutely right about the whole body language..
      You can see it in their eyes. Just don’t stare them down.

    • Further Into The Rabbit Hole

      i think its a high wagging tail that can be a sign of aggression and/or
      fear. Have to look at the whole body language

    • Steven Wheat

      The heck you say!!
      I’ve been bitten multiple times when I did pest control, and all tails were
      Sign of excitement

    • Dario de nero

      And shitting in the cops car.

    • Stringent Rapture

      That’s not necessarily true. Wagging tail means excitement.
      Which can be nervousness which or fear which can lead to biting

  12. Bri Dunigan

    Is this what it’s like when people lose their glasses?´╗┐

  13. David Golembeski

    That town has to pay more taxes so the police department can get better
    body cams.´╗┐

    • Valentino Gallego

      AcidRainClouds The footage is from 2010. pretty sure this was good quality
      back then…

    • AcidRainClouds

      It looks like the early 2000s. I got dizzy when he was walking away too.

  14. Bible Study Channel

    God bless this officer for showing kindness towards God’s creatures´╗┐

  15. mickwalsh12

    984 sad people..must be the most miserable people in the world..´╗┐

  16. shamshlam

    If only American cops treated people of colour with as much respect…´╗┐

    • justin mccoy

      shamshlam too bad dogs are majority of criminals

    • +shamshlam You are a violent rapist thug. And that’s not name calling, it’s
      a fact.

    • Gage Mullis

      shamshlam he was asking a question

    • shamshlam

      +Yes Sir! Racist moron. I can’t even dignify this with anything but
      incredulity and name-calling.

    • Some dog breeds got bad reputation. There isn’t any dog breed that comes
      even close to the level of harm people of color do to other people. How
      many get raped, assulted and killed by dogs compared to by people of color?

  17. SavageBillahx2

    Old video that still makes me smile´╗┐

  18. Mark lapham

    Did you keep him ?´╗┐

    • Mark lapham

      Nice one, who doesn’t like a happy ending eh.

    • crazy peach

      Mark lapham This happened a while ago, and if my memory serves me
      correctly, the dog did belong to someone and he was taken back home.

  19. Derek arsenault

    look and he didn’t even shoot the dog when it went in his car I am very
    impressed. this is the first video of a coo saving a dog I have seen. all
    the rest is them killing the for no reason. glad to see there are some good
    guys out there´╗┐

    • Derek arsenault

      your absolutely right it’s all part of the plan to control us and keep us
      infighting . and the cops specifically higher people who will do whatever
      they are told . and we should he concerned about the bad cops and there are
      lots more then you may want to admit. but you can’t condemn them all. there
      are some good one they need to be empowered and clean up the bad ones .

    • When you’re black but also a part of the silent majority (unless that’s
      what you meant).

    • drsnowmon

      I was thinking the same too “This video can’t be real, the COP didn’t shoot
      the dog”

    • Derek arsenault

      It’s like blm and Muslims and femminism. the loud minority controls the
      narrative for the silent majority . But the loud minority are the
      aggressive ones and they intimidate the silent majority so nothing is done
      . it’s basic psychology. just like the aggressive bully at school can bully
      20 kids . if they all spoke up he would have no power. the silent majority
      needs to get aggressive and take action but they do not .

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