Dog Training Defense Fail

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German Shepherd Dog Training

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  1. Damn Yourugly

    Why the whip?

  2. Wtf! Stupid People!

  3. Use a harness for this training.

    • bloodshot gameing666

      TQ That’s not really true you should use a collar for the first Times because it makes the dog want to attack more viciously of course you don’t always use a collar otherwise the dog would become too vicious therefore it would just start attacking whenever it feels threatened

  4. This is a police dog training. The man in the black T shirt is the officer. The goal of this training is to make the dog defend his officer. The dog needs to understand, that no one except his officer is allowed to touch him and that no one is allowed to touch his officer.

  5. ezequiel santos

    if the dog was a rottweiller he was very hurted

    • Justice For Animals

      ezequiel santos Breed wouldn’t have mattered. I have seen both rotties and german shepherds in action doing bitework.

  6. el señor de los cuchillos

    cuando se te aparecio la virgen!!!!!

  7. Terlui Malinois k9

    And this my friends is why you use to colar method… this was atrocious

  8. Allen Szykula

    Lucky is the one word that comes to mind

  9. Kouei Siong

    Nothing would have happened. Weak dog. Bad nerves. Once pressure goes away dog just wants to be a dog n not bite. Not a fail, that’s a helper doing wrong exercise and not being able to read dog.

  10. Dumbasses. Poor dog.

    • bloodshot gameing666

      Adeline What are you even talking about what’s wrong with this even if the dog had bit the guy it’s not like it would’ve been put down or anything bad would’ve happened to the dog

  11. Tube Tale

    This is animal abuse you are tesing the dog I don’t like you I dislike you!!!! 😡😡😡

    • j&a Shepherds & Springers

      Oh there’s always 1 isn’t there who cries abuse. Of course until they need need a police k9 or a protection dog.

  12. Kirsten Paciello

    the absolute worst way in the world to train a protection dog. omg. they are taunting the poor thing, which is going to make the dog snap on someone innocent. and it will be dogs fault. the made this dog unbalanced. shameful

    • bloodshot gameing666

      Kirsten Paciello yeah except there is no way of getting the dog to attack without making react they simply have to train out the reactivity in favour of obedience so in other wordsMake the dogs react then when it attacks shows dominance etc. then you say the command and reward you do that for a while then take the dog off that poll and have the leash in your hand then issue the command when the person is somewhat close it’s actually one of the best ways if you know what you’re doing one of the hardest but the best

    • Justice For Animals

      Kirsten Paciello This builds up drive, nothing wrong about it.

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