dog training (dog tricks), 3 months old beagle puppy showing his tricks

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Mozart the Beagle
11 weeks old beagle puppy showing his tricks – dog training.
More videos coming soon.
Thanks for watching.


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  1. iEat Crayons

    Wait whaaaa. My beagles 14 weeks and he’s no where near as big as yours haha. Awesome tricks btw!

  2. Johan Badenhorst

    when did you start training on the beagle

  3. Macy Martin

    how did you start training him like this!!?? mine is almost six months, is it too late to train him like this? he knows how to sit

    • Tom Lawler

      Macy Martin It isn’t too late! I recommend watching Zak Georges Dog Training revolution because he has such good ways of teaching😊

    • Mozart the Beagle

      it’s never too late, you just must be persisten, because beagles are very stubborn.

  4. cartnhorse

    Great dog – great tricks – tell the guy to wear long trousers next time 😉

  5. Meenakshi Gupta

    Mine one is also 6 months . She doesn’t listen to me she only bites

  6. Harris Walker

    Nothin adorable than that

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