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Attack Dog Training – Personal Protection Training instruction by K9-1. If you ever wondered how to train an attack dog we now have instructional videos for the serious dog trainer. This video features, Nikko, a Belgian Malinois raised as a pet then transformed into a high caliber personal protection dog at two years of age. Be advised that personal protection training should only be done under the guidance of a professional and be used for defensive purposes only!

Learn more about "foundation style" dog training and how it is slowly becoming the new standard for dog trainers who wish to use the most advanced techniques at

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  1. TheSweatermen

    that dog has metal teeth

    • ComMander0525

      lil wayne’s brother maybe 

    • Charmingtorri

      Yes they are Titanium. They’re the new procedures done to Protection dogs to cause a devastating tear to the human body.

    • Jay Dutta

      ComMander0525 lmao I’m dead 😂😂

  2. Eric McDonald

    The weapon recognition is probably the most impressive part of this. Nikko saw him start to swing that thing and intercepted it. Very impressive. BTW, I just subscribed.

  3. Adam W.

    Does that Malinois have titanium k9’s?

    • 1. Might have damaged his previous ones.
      2. Possibly replaced with titaniums.

  4. My question is, You need to go that far to piss?

  5. Good work guys.. Great work..

  6. Kit Bear

    That was actually pretty cool.

    Good dog.

  7. The Tantalizing Trio

    Wish my GSD could do this! She’s to lazy, she’d be like “is that my owner yelling for help?”. ” let her save herself”

    • Kaytie Buckhalt

      you’d be surprised what they will do when the occasion calls for it. I had a German Shepherd/golden retriever mix growing up who was the laziest dog. he wouldn’t even fetch. but one day we came home late, and there was a brick shattered on the floor and a gash on the dogs nose, and nothing was missing. nothing. 😉 good dog.

    • Tina Larsen

      OMG! Tears! Love our dogs!

    • IrishSavage87

      That’s your failure as an owner not hers as dog

  8. Chizzy Meka

    I must say I am impressed!

  9. Emiko Morita

    Dogs are able to defend themselves as German shepherds and other shepherds, but when it comes to their owners nawed able to sacrifice for his master.

  10. ThatsWhatSheSaid

    I thought this is a video that shows you how to train your dog to do this?


    metal teeth!!?!?!?

  12. Meɠɑ Absøl

    R.I.P headphone users

  13. Kahealani Thomas

    That dog ran with a purpose lol I need a dog like that


    wink dog 1:58

  15. Haha, wtf.. Do they have metal teats????

    • Joel Blanco

      i thought the same thing

    • Elijah Batista

      Arnold Hofman it is done because when dogs are trained to bite hard like that a lot if times teeth end up breaking. So they replace the original teeth with titanium repilcas to reduce injury to the dogs teeth. Each tooth ranges from 600-2000 US dollars.

  16. John Cena Fan

    I like police dogs because they are beast

  17. DIYAutomotive

    video is very bad but how the dog bit the other hand when about to get hit was amazing!

  18. onda Tasboy

    not hard to get a shepard breed to bite a human that’s what they’re bred for

    • Mike Sheridan

      4dogs wrong they are a herding dog

    • onda Tasboy

      They original were. But mostly now days they are used for police and security purposes. So through selective breed the choice has been made to keep the human bitting ones.

  19. Srisai Sathya

    Nice video bro

  20. Srisai Sathya

    Bro you can train bully kutta it’s very hard for you because it is aggressive dog

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