Dog Training – Over Excited & Rambunctious Dogs

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This video goes over how to help your rambunctious, overexcited dog or puppy. The game is to solely focus on impulse control through the premack principle method.

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  1. Jadra Sibenik

    My dog is growling when exited. When playing with me, my kids and other dogs. I don’t like it. Can I stop it this way? Or do I stop playing completly?

    • Kristin Crestejo, CDBC

      +Jadra Sibenik Hmm, this game wouldn’t be helpful in your situation. Is the growl making the dog more intense with his or her physical behaviours? Growling while playing CAN be very normal, both of my dogs do it and it doesn’t affect them negatively, it’s just loud sometimes. If you really don’t like it, just stop playing as soon as the dog growls, the growl will no longer be reinforced. However, there are some dogs that are vocal and will always be vocal.

    • Jadra Sibenik

      It makes her more intense. But as soon as I say enough, she stops. And when we start playing again, growling starts also. But what you are saying is that she is just vocal. She never turned agressive while playing. Exept to female dogs. But then I can hear difference in her growl and body position.
      Thank you so much on your answer!

  2. Nathan Barrett

    Kristin you’re a great trainer and teacher, I am getting a GSD here in June and have little experience in dog training, I’ve recently subbed to you and am actually taking notes on your video’s! Much appreciation & love from the north, thank you!

  3. Tessa Lizardi

    Wow. I am surprised at how much my Pyrenees puppy has been improving with his behavior after I have been watching your videos. So helpful and inspiring๐Ÿ˜Š Love ya!

    • Kristin Crestejo, CDBC

      That’s amazing to hear, I’m so glad they’re helping you! Pyrenees are one of my favourite breeds ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿถ๐Ÿพ

  4. Christine Sands

    so… what do you do if she doesn’t stop… I know they shouldn’t get too excited but my staffie gets there VERY quickly and starts to see things like this as a game, part of the correction is a game for her. thanks.

  5. And of corse, if you have a powerful breed you want to do this before they are old enough to bite your face off. It would be really stupid to do this with some dogs.

  6. Hi Kristin. Love your dog training videos.I think I’ve used treats too much when training and playing with my dog Jojo a border collie/ Australian shepherd mix. As soon as he knows the treats are gone he becomes less than enthusiastic about training and or playing. Although regularly he does get playful without treats, like he’ll initiate ball play outside, or playing tug, wanting me to chase or throw the ball. but it seems its not sustained for long periods like it used to be when we first rescued him and brought him home. We’ve had him now for 2 years and he’s an absolute joy and we love him. He’s quite a character. Should I slowly hold back and go longer between treats? Will that work?

  7. watchmoivies123

    Love this but I think the dog in the back ground is who you should have used.. No?

  8. Lauren Miller

    This is awesome! Luna is so cute! She’s like, I want to play, too! ๐Ÿ˜€ Good job, Mookie!

    • Kristin Crestejo, CDBC

      she was so tired and she still couldn’t help herself to more training!

  9. +Kristin Crestejo Thank you for this video. I have only just discovered your channel and I like your down to earth informative videos. I have a 6 month old high energy puppy who is always overexcited/overenthusiastic when meeting other dogs. Do you think this will help under those circumstances?

  10. Hey Kristin, I have a nasty issue with a 9wk old border collie puppy, I took him at only 30 days old (long story) so he didnt learn the whole dont-bite-so-you-dont-get-bitten idea from his litter and now all he wants to do is bite me all the time and its impossible to get his attention for more than a few seconds without treats (and even then I find it extremely hard to train him as he dives right for my hand when I use it to lure him for example). Any idea? Your videos are amazing, thank you for making them.

  11. Animal crazy

    Hi Kristin, I have a 9 month old border collie puppy she’s the best dog I’ve ever had but there’s one problem I take her out every day on a walk or two and let her run and play on the beach etc. But when she comes home and its time to chill and relax in the evening you can see her getting really anxious and restless I’m not sure why we have another two dogs (two jack russels) and their fine just sleeping usually but you can see in her face that she wants to sleep because she’s very tired but its like she’s constantly on alert and cant lie down and shut her eyes and if I stay up late some nights she cant handle it so she tries to get as close to me as he can (usually half on my lap on the sofa) and crashes and as soon is I make the slightest movement she wakes up and is on alert again. do you know anything that I can do to help her chill out in the evenings I was thinking of getting her a dog bed in the living room to herself so she knows that’s her place that’s safe I wasn’t sure if that would help though. do you have any other suggestions ???

    • Kristin Crestejo, CDBC

      are you working her? using her mind for at least 2 hours of the day? BC’s need mental exercise much more than physical.

  12. Worlds of Mass Creation

    Brilliant. My dog will love this game. Thank you so much.

  13. Doggie Dojo

    Such a good game to play with your dog! Thank you for the great tip!

  14. This is really helpful, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. amfreiman

    I have a very excitable 2.5yo border collie that I totally need this for! Thank you so much for this! We’ll start practicing this right away.

  16. I just adopted a 1.5 year old Austrailian shepherd and this is exactly what he needs. I use other self control training but we are still working on the energy control after coming in for the day

  17. Wibble Wobble

    Do you say stop and sit for the first time to show them what you want? My silky terrier would instantly understand what i want from her but my younger puppy would probably just think i wanted a “touch” or a high 5 and would likely jump up to touch my hand and then continue the game… Should i start her off by giving her the command of stop or calm or something like that paired with a command that i know she knows like sit? Then once she’s got it don’t say stop/calm or sit?
    Also, would this be a useful trick to use when my dogs go off their nuts barking at a leaf blowing outside ? lol to teach them to be calm and quiet? or is this intended to be used just more as a game?
    Thanks! can’t wait to try it.

  18. DefinitelyNot AShark

    this seems super helpful. we have a 4month old puppy (Duck Toller/border collie) and she gets really hyped (growling and jumping/snapping) when playing with the older family dog. since she’s a puppy, the dog won’t actually do anything when pup gets on her nerves, but I’m slightly worried how it will be when she’s old enough to be set in place %) we separate them then, but we weren’t sure how to proceed from there. she’s very good at calming down generally, apart from playing. so I’ll definitely start doing this with her.

  19. splashwater135

    first like first comment

  20. Animalsforever31

    thank you I have a Brittany spaniel and she is the most hyper dog I have ever owned even more hyper than most spaniels and we let her run around daily on our 4 acres. when she was a puppy the trainer told us to get there 30 min early for her to run through the agility course and get tired before class. we will do anything to calm her down . we thought she would calm down after she got older but she is now 3 years old. She is not yet spayed but we hope to soon. we still love her to death.

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