Dog Training Tips- Don’t Let Your Dog Run Over To Other Dogs!

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This is a huge pet peeve of not only mine, but many other dog owners out there.

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  1. haneuri -

    ah i relate to this so much! it happened to me today. i had four large dogs one of which is lab with extremely high prey drive! this yorkie comes rushing across the street with an owner screaming he’s friendly!
    not cool.

  2. Preach it! I have a dog selective dog, but he hates more dogs than he likes. He is one that will engage in a fight just because the dog is near. He is always on leash though, always. If we are on a walk he is on a 6 foot leash and stays in a heel by my side, we avoid other dogs, if another dog and its owner just appear around the turn we turn around and go the other way making it very clear we don’t wanna interact with another dog. I have people complain that I shouldn’t have my dog out in public if he doesn’t like other dogs, my response? You shouldn’t have your dog out in public if you can’t control it and keep it away from unknown dogs.

  3. Lauren Miller

    I’ve had the same thing said to me!!! “If you’re dog isn’t friendly you shouldn’t bring her out”. We were waiting for Vince outside the grocery store and it was too hot for them to stay in the car.. The lady wanted her kid to pet my dogs.. I was like lady, this is not a petting zoo. I’ve also had people with out of control dogs charge up to us and same thing.. If you’re dog’s not friendly… Uhm no.. Control YOUR dog!! I hate it when that happens! 🙁 I’m sorry you had to deal with that!

  4. Brittany Haskins

    Thank you!
    Unreliable off leash dogs are one of my biggest pet peeves. I’ve had many off leash dogs run up to my dogs while on and off leash. With one dog I had who was not dog friendly, I had on a long line for training, a small dog came running full speed towards my dog whom I’m trying to keep distracted, I see the owner and say, ” please call your dog back, mine is not friendly” she replied with, “oh its okay, he’s nice” her dog runs up to mine and lunges for her face! Needless to say my dog was not accepting of that and I ended up have hold back 60+ lbs of reactive AmStaff! The owner of the small dog, after having to chase him around us to get him leashed again, had the nerve to look at me and say, “You really shouldn’t have that kind of dog out like this.”

    • Kristin Crestejo, CDBC

      +Brittany Haskins Doesn’t that get you so mad!? Small dogs are really known for doing that too, mainly because people don’t think you have to train them, as they are no harm.

    • Nic Tuckee

      +Kristin Crestejo my dog won’t play with me or toys I’ve tried teaching him and rewarding him but still nothing it would be helpful if you you do a video on teaching your dog to love playing

    • Bee Diep

      OMG, just had the same thing happen with my Amstaff and my terrier pup. Both of them were on leashes and an English bulldog pup just ran at them straight from the owner’s car. Who got the blame when Amstaff grabbed this pup’s jowls? My dog. Lucky for them my Amstaff is all about holding dogs off and won’t bite in or this innocent pup with its idiot owners would’ve ended up dead. I am so angry. I said, “you must learn to Control your dog – have it leashed if you can’t call it back.” Nope, they weren’t listening. I was told I had an aggressive pitty and sworn at. Sick of people like this.

  5. PetInfo4You

    Every time I walk my dog this happens 😩
    When Roxi is off leash and I spot a dog I will call her back and put her on the leash
    She is more or less freindly but around small dogs she isn’t very good
    She was attacked as a puppy so this is why she isn’t good around most small dogs 🌸

    • Kristin Crestejo, CDBC

      this is exactly Luna. she can be off leash and not go near dogs but I put her on leash to indicate I don’t want my dog saying hello……people don’t get it!

    • PetInfo4You

      +Kristin Crestejo (Modern Canine Training) this is exactly why I put Roxi on the leash!
      She is more scared than aggressive!
      She has also been challenged by another dog while she was off leash and I didn’t notice it was there
      It ran straight up to her and showed very aggressive behaviour towards my dog,she submitted and I put her on leash.
      It could have been a very bad situation 😬 this dog is also the one known to attack people because the owner has trained it to do so! The dog was a staffy and previously she hadn’t been agressive until her owner trained her to be after the male dog died

      Now this dog was off leash and I saw her a few hours after when taking Roxi out on another walk
      This very aggressive staffy was being walked by small child (6-8 years old) now I’m 13 and I can handle my dog
      I look at your videos and they have helped me train my dog
      I have always put her on a lead when another dog is spotted as I know my dog is not very good with them
      People just don’t get it

    • Nic Tuckee

      +Kristin Crestejo can you help my dog do sent play with toys I’ve tried teaching him and rewarding him but still nothing it would be helpful if you made a video about teaching your dog to love playing

    • Szszoda

      First of all no dog is the same. And In my opinion if your dog doesn’t get used to playing with toys in an early age it won’t feel the urge to play with any. My family has this elderly dog who didn’t play in her entire life. (There wasnt any toys for her…….) Sadly No matter how much I encourage her it just won’t happen. :/ An idea: If your dog likes food and can be motivated by it then try wrapping rope arround some chicken and maybe it will chase it 😀 That might be fun.

    • xloserx 62

      PetInfo4You same to mine

  6. XAgilityDogsX

    This drives my CRAZY! It’s horrible at agility trials! Always dogs going up to other dogs! It’s so aggravating!!

  7. Some people say that dogs have to meet off leash or its aggressive.. Which I don’t like. Once I was walking with my dog in the woods and both my dog and approaching dog were leashed… Well the owner decides to take it into her hands and mentions something about off leash and then drops the leash. This dog charged up to my dog and I think my dog got a little annoyed because she was leashed and that can be very alarming as a dog to be confined to a space with an unconfined dog charging you! This actually really pissed me off. There was no fight but if this had happened a couple months later after my dog was attacked on the leash from an off leash dog two days in a row, she probably would have been really reactive to an unknown dog charging her on leash.

  8. Alea Saunders

    I have an 11 month old Aussie who has been traumatized by other dogs because of this exact situation! Because of other owners not caring.. Now I’m still trying to reverse the affects. Loved this video!!

  9. Noctifago

    I do exactly that, if my dog it’s off leash, I call him back, put the leash and walk away. However, the other day I was walking around my neighborhood, when I spotted my neighbor’s husky. His husky start the fight and I was the only one trying to break them, she (my neighbor) just stood there in complete silence. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE JUST WON’T TAKE RESPONSABILITY FOR THEIR DOGS
    My dog wasn’t friendly with other dogs, and after that, he is even less

  10. Sarah Anderson

    Yes! This happens way too often! Ugh, it drives me nuts.

  11. Dorothy Brooks

    Well said. There are many dog owners that should not be.

    • lovemygsd San

      Agree, well said. It’s unfortunate that so many dog owners are unaware of dog manners and etiquette, or neglect it. What they don’t take into consideration is that other dogs may not want to be approached, may be rescues that are being rehabilitated, older dogs that may be vision impaired and may be startled by dogs rushing up to them, or with arthritis or other painful condition and don’t want to be bumped or jumped on, etc. It is frustrating when owners take their dogs off leash when they should be on leash and can’t control them. I stopped going to dog parks because of other dogs behaving poorly. However, when leashes must be worn, respecting personal space which applies to dogs too, would avoid many situations.

  12. Chelsie Little

    This happened to me today, I was walking my dog and we stopped by a field to sit and chill out for a little while, he was still on leash, and a dog out of nowhere, with no owner around, comes running up to my dog and me. My dog started barking and jumping hysterically because he was way too excited and anxious. Completely unfair to my dog.

  13. Benn Richey

    oh wow! thanks so much for your story that no one cares about! Deal with your own problems.

  14. Nolan McLaren

    This isn’t a training tip, it’s a rant. Good to be said but I was looking for something actually useful.

    • Tip nr.1: Make sure you know other dogs are friendly and want to be approached before you let your dogs go towards them. The owner puts a leash on and walks away the moments she spots you? Probably a no.
      Tip nr.2: Don’t let your dogs walk free unless you’re certain you can also call them back again.

  15. Derek Lloyd

    I know you have a peeve but where is the training element in this video? Sounds more like a Mrs RANT than expert advice.

  16. kate metcalf

    ok i have a huge problem my staffy is a brilliant dog hes very friendly loving to over friendly with dogs i can control him most of the time but today i didnt have control of leash. he done exactly what just happend to you he barged up to another dog of leash i paniked. not because my dog is aggresive but because i didnt no if the other dog would react to my dogs rude behaviour. i dont want this to haplen ever again. anyone got any help and tips for me? this for sure will not happen again i feel totally irresponsable

    • Kristin Crestejo, CDBC

      If you can’t control the dog, you need to either A) give space when you see a dog and work on control from a greater space, this is where obedience classes can work wonders B)have equipment that is humane but can help you control the dog until you can train the right behaviour.

      Usually I only opt for option B if I feel the owner will lose control of the dog physically, not due from “surprise or out of the blue” moments.

      Teach him to ignore dogs when he sees them. This can work well if you play with your dog while other dogs are around (ball or tug toy), so he habituates to the other dogs and realizes it’s way more fun to be with you and pay attention to you.

  17. Elena Barlow

    Dogs like to run and to play and we should let them do that. Of course they get distracted to like to run to other dogs but that’s how they learn to interact with other dogs and be friendly. Your dogs need some training if they are being overly protective.

  18. what are you talking about
    sounds like your dog has not been socialized by you, worst video ive ever seen
    and in reading the comments
    so many people have not spent enough time with their pets
    if your dog is agressive you failed to train or educate them
    you all should be upset at yourselfs
    not other people dogs

  19. Candice Baugher

    These people make me so mad as a reactive dog owner. My dog LOVES other dogs. She wants to play, but reinforcing her reactivity is undoing weeks of training because someone thinks their dog is special and should be allowed to greet any dog they want.

    Have they no regard for their own dog’s safety? You have NO idea if the other dog is friendly. Don’t ever assume that another dog is friendly just because yours is.

  20. gentlebrit

    This is my opinion, if you know your dogs are not friendly and your smart enough to know that dogs can run up to your dogs because they may wanna smell and greet your dogs then it’s your dog or dogs that should be muzzled, for the safety of other dogs. You are aware your dogs are not friendly so if your dogs were to attack, it’s your dogs in the wrong and you could be prosecuted.

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