Dog Training Tutorial: “Between” Position

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This is a foundational obedience position that also has real world applications. Knowing how to quickly move your dog out of the way is an essential skill that can keep them safe and focused on you around distractions. Puppies as young as 8 weeks can start learning this using the positive reinforcement methods demonstrated in the video.

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  1. Diogo Ferreira


  2. Izzy Crean

    Great video, very informative. I think you should have added in how to teach your dog to back up while in the between command as I found that it can be a problem for some dogs.

    • Training Positive

      Izzy Crean I find it’s easier if they first know how to back up in front of you. Once that can be reliably cued, it’s easier in the between position

    • Izzy Crean

      Training Positive my dog knew how to back up in from of me and also in the heel position but still found it difficult to back up while in the between position for a few weeks. Maybe it was just her though.

  3. Andrew Todd

    Your videos are some of the best dog training videos on YouTube. You never disappoint 🙂
    Thanks for uploading.

  4. Kirsty Macfarlane

    So good to see a new video from you and I’m absolutely loving your Instagram. Would’ve actually liked to see you doing this with both Watson and Solea, like getting one to wait until it was their turn! Valentine absolutely loves this! I’ve built on this also by getting her to lay down then sit back up, go round to the right, round to the left and tossing treats back and behind to get her to do through as well. This is a wonderful training trick that you can easily build on and spend a good 30 minutes of having fun bonding with your dog! Tires her out better than any walk 🐕🐕🐕🐕


      Kirsty Macfarlane hi dear
      if you want train your dog check out the link below

    • Kirsty Macfarlane

      DHARAM VEER thanks will check it out tonight! I’m studying a dog behaviourist course so any wee extra info I can learn is much welcomed!


      Kirsty Macfarlane sure our company provide best information for dog so you will try it.

  5. Anne Bryson

    Great video, as always. You have a wonderful way of presenting things clearly and logically. I really appreciate that – Oh, and it’s fun too!

  6. Martians Kitchen

    Thank you once again.

  7. Sanctus Vianney

    Any videos on getting the attention of your dog. Mine wont stay focused on treats.

    • Training Positive

      Sanctus Vianney thanks for the suggestion! I’ll keep it in mind.

    • Not meaning to hijack but the biggest mistake people make in teaching focus and engagement is by using treats and toys to get focus, instead of using them to reinforce the focus and engagement. If you start out using something to get your dog to pay attention to you, you will always rely on those things and the dog will likely find something else to be interested in. If you start out reinforcing short moments of focus with something the dog enjoys, like high value treats or toys, and gradually increase the duration of the focus and engagement, the dog will be more likely to stay engaged. We should never have to beg for attention. When it’s offered, reward it. Don’t ask for too much, too fast. Celebrate the small steps and the rest will fall into place. If you start out begging , you will always have to beg and you will always have to come up with something more interesting than what you started out with.

  8. Érico Marcantonio

    Thank you for coming back with the videos, although youtube has several channels, yours was one of the most learned.

  9. Jan Von Erik Dumdum


  10. Jan Von Erik Dumdum

    I cant lure my 3 monthpuppy(lab) with my hand with food. Although sometimes he will follow but with a jumping bite attack. Any tips?thanks

  11. bernadette holmes

    Great video! Always learning from you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!!

  12. I want to train my dog to catch frisbee. But at park she too excited to explore to pay attention. What should I start with?

  13. Pranjal Sharma

    Missing that old camera angle

  14. Life with Riley & Friends

    do you still have your Shepard?


    great bt which treat do u give?? actually i tried lots off bt he never used to egar for tht kind of all treats i have 5 months old Labrador

  16. Is “Valor” a cool name for a dog..I mean does it make training difficult?

  17. Gaurav Yadav

    Sir please make a video of teaching shake or say hi .. !!

  18. IAmAntonio R

    My dog tends to pull on the leash hard when skateboarders are passing by . Can’t seem to find a good video for this problem. Any advice? thanks again. Recently found your videos.

    • Lilly the Service Chihuahua

      IAmAntonio R That’s a natural instinct aka prey drive that’s just programmed in some dogs.
      You may be able to help but also may never to fully train it out of them.

      Start by using the focus command.

      Focus is when you say “focus” or a command word if your choice and they look at you directly in the eyes.

      It’s pretty easy to teach.

      Hold a treat up by your face and when they make eye contact treat them.

      After a few tries of this repeat it but add your command. (I like to use focus)

      So you keep repeating but using your command.

      Eventually you work your way with less treats.

      Keep practicing and it’s something you can practice while watching tv.
      Getting dressed.

      Before you eat etc etc.

      Practice in diff rooms and inside and outside.

      Practice this around distractions like rolling a ball across the floor and asking them to focus.

      Or outside when a squirrel runs past

  19. I see this done a lot in agility and I love how useful it is to get a dog aligned to your position before you start. One of my instructors also uses it to gauge how focused her dog is on a day at a trial (if not, she doesn’t usually run her dog in that class at a trial).

  20. Faithful & True

    can you use toys as a reward and not treats?

    • Lilly the Service Chihuahua

      Faithful & True use whatever your dog is motivated by

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