Dog Wants a Kitty

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This big, bad doggie wants a little, fluffy kitty.
Starring Clyde.

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  1. NeeeeverMind

    This has got to be my favourite video on the whole internet. <3

  2. littleclubfan 112


  3. Elaine Ashley

    Wonderful video! One of my favourites!!

  4. shanon roberson

    this one is better than the original clark video

  5. lily lily

    i love that part where he said snakes

  6. FireHoops TV

    0:48 how he said “oh come on” 😂

  7. Dear Talking Animals Creator, You’re talent for this is terrific! You’re
    videos have to be somewhere at the top! Thanks so much! Can’t stop

  8. Drop Therapy

    how do you get your animals to move their mouth like that?

  9. Karen Nakaya


  10. Jamie Trevillyan

    Would’ve been really cool to “meet the kitten” 😉 Love this video <3

  11. Obtuse Minds

    HAHAHAHAHAHA i love this

  12. Susie Yonally

    plz plz plz more!!!!

  13. Shay VanAntwerp


  14. Snakes get no respect…:(

  15. Alyssa Hinder

    That’s the first dog I ever seen that likes cats ?

  16. narlacat68

    LOL. from Oz X

  17. HQHF trickshots

    this is so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃

    • seanna walker

      I watch these one a dozes times a day love everything about it and the dog
      omg is so cute it makes my day keep the good work up can’t wait for more

  18. theREALhaiaix3

    doberman collie? or doberman lab?

  19. AL B (Hooterville)

    Bleh, oh come on—-, and I’m going to chew the arms of this couch!!!!!!@
    Funny, Adorable.

  20. Fj Gaming

    I laughed my butt off

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