Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

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Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash
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MEET leader of the pack Augusto Deoliveira, who can walk huge groups of unleashed German Shepherd dogs obediently at his heels. The magical dog trainer, 23, is a web sensation and turns heads wherever he goes – at the head of huge packs of dogs. Augusto lives in Hyannis, USA, but grew up surrounded by dogs on a farm in Brazil where he discovered he could lead groups of dogs with training. Now he’s wowing Americans as he walks through their towns and cities showing off the amazing feat. Augusto lives, breathes and sleeps with dogs as the head of his firm Griffin Shepherd Kennels. At the training kneels where he lives, he claims to be able to guide up to 15 free-walking dogs at the same time.

Videographer / Director: Laurentiu Garofeanu
Producer: Liam Miller
Editor: Ian Phillips / Sonia Estal

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  1. Amar Original

    This guy goes in Boston?.? ME TOOOOOOOO

  2. Giovanni Nero

    when you max minion capacity in an mmo

  3. Rapture Angel

    Shepherd’s are very smart!!!

    • SoloHatreDragon

      look at this link
      proof he is an animal abuser

    • davy v beurden

      Rapture Angel yes and verry dangerous and agressive and unprodictable german shepherd and huskys stand on the number one on the list of most attackes and incidents and kills so i really dont care how smart they are they are also the most dangerous.

    • Kendra Strawberrypie

      davy v beurden I dont know where you have this information from, but the nr 1 are Chihuahuas. And German Shepherds are police dogs, its logical that they bite, it’s their job (sometimes).

    • Goth MoodyWolf

      davy v beurden I have a German Shepard and he is very sweet!

    • Goth MoodyWolf

      davy v beurden almost all of my friends have German Shepards and none of them are aggressive!!

  4. Msagz Jr.

    Imagine someone breaking into his place and then they see 6 sets of eyes staring back at them

    • Rhonda McDonald

      They would be happy to get away from Asparagus! I doubt they would protect his abusive a$$!

    • gaming rex 101

      Albert Einstein eewe th ?

    • rohan knight

      if you think a gun is proof against 6 trained animals haha. Animals react much quicker than humans, and move a lot faster too when motivated.

    • Shalap Pandotra

      Current Objectve: SURVIVE

    • Black Hole

      *you pick the wrong house fool* big smoke

  5. prong collars? That is pretty vile. small bits of metal that inflict pain upon a dog in order to control them are not ok.

    • Monica Smith

      vin 950 In reality they are much safer than choke collars. I have used these successfully and BTW, I have tried prong collars on myself and while uncomfortable, not inordinately painful. Prong collars give the handler more control and that control could mean saving your dog or yourself from serious injury. I learned the hard way early on. I do respect other points of view on this subject…

  6. Stupid clown

    Damn this dude memorizes the names of the dogs which is hard because they all look alike

    • JayRiico

      Stupid clown I’ll call you smart clown

    • pookiehoney

      How could you not know who is who?! If you have similar children do you get confused? Lol


      MrPieman00 just died lmaoo


      Ziorac I was gonna say the same thing…. suddle difrences that you can just tell who is who. Excpecially when u spend that much time training them

    • Sara Fongemie

      Its easy once you know their personality ant coat

  7. K.A. GORDON

    I have 12 dogs…I have no words..I dont know how this is possible. Im in bed with 7 of my dogs…no one listens. I think I could do this with ducks.

    • Miranda De bomb

      Omg I saw the video and I was horrified! That poor dog was abused. I know one dog is like the leader of the pack but I’m pretty sure he told the dog to start doing that the dog was just whimpering the whole time.Don’t abuse ur dogs when training them or in this mans case “ training “ these dogs. I know dogs are hard to train but I don’t think these dogs are because I have a wheaten and they are very stubborn haha. But these dogs are very intelligent and getting them to do stuff by abusing them is just awful!!!

    • Mr Steal your peanut

      Georgia Fan

      Piss off… you do not need to abuse the dogs in the slightest to get them to command you aswell a he can. Just do what gordon is doing but be a bit more Authoritized with your dogs. Simple as that.

    • Mr Steal your peanut


      The border collie has the highest intelligence out of the dog breeds…

    • Mama Akilah

      Why tf are you even owning 12 dogs if not even 1 dog is listening 2 you ?!

  8. MAMAS B0Y

    this is like having a pack of walking ak47s that listens to you

  9. Canadian Prepper

    If anyone ever tried to mess with this guy just imagine the fury that would be unleashed (pun intended)

  10. Hannibal Lecter

    Please share another video that regards his abusive training methods. Those dogs have tails tucked between their legs and ears back, they’re sharing marks of abuse and other buyers from that individual have remarked that the shepherds he sells are sick, without vet records, and he’s stated that he doesn’t have much control over their lives. Yes, they are submissive and do obey his commands but through a method of abuse, it’s a damn shame. If you don’t believe me just google Griffin Shepherd Kennels Exposed. Here’s a link explaining it, and that site has other sites linked to it with some having video evidence of a terrible environment for the dogs.

  11. halfwaysleet

    He has been using unethical breeding practices, e-collars (chock collars to train his dogs) and abusive kicking of dogs in the soft tissue area.
    He have falsely advertised his skills and the pedigree of the dogs he breeds not to mention the health certificates of the dogs. He has also raffled a “service dog” which isn’t legal and is not really a service dog, which has to have special training to be considered a service dog. He has been denounced by the Service Dog Free Press, one of the biggest service dog industries in the world.

    • chan keat

      at some point in the video the narrator said he’s raising the stakes by doing something. raising stakes on who’s behalf??? the public is in danger if his dog misbehaves. his raised nothing but experimenting irresponsibly on the expense of the public with no regards at all…

    • Anthony Zeebra

      They aren’t looking submissive as in they would with an *actual* pack they look like they’d get beat tf hell out of if they mesed up.

    • Sterling Archer

      By the way they walk i can tell that they’re abused

  12. Wilhelm Stenvall

    Yet this trainer sells unhealthy puppies with a ton of diseases. He’s been critizised by experts and customers alike.

  13. Tammie Broggins

    They are acting scaired

  14. The 90s Myth

    I’d like to see him try that with Rottweilers or Dobermans

    • Skyfall Deadpool

      The 90s Myth or bloody pittbulls

    • CosmiiqQuibblePop

      Skyfall Deadpool Nothing’s wrong with pitbulls.

    • Alexis Willoughby

      What’s Gibby Thinking About? You’ve obviously never had either of those dogs. I promise you a Rottweiler is stronger than both a Doberman and a GSD. I have two Rottweilers and they both are very well trained, but they are extremely strong. When walked together they challenge each other and one time the leash broke but when it did, all they did was a run a little ways and then sit. They a very good dogs.

    • Black Beauty's Animal Sanctuary

      Jordan Leigh Wheatley YUP Sheps are so damn smart hence why police work with them. Love Sheps

    • my CBD life

      What’s Gibby Thinking About? My dad had GSDs and I had a Doberman. Top 3 smartest dogs are those and herding dogs. Doberman was easiest to train. Picked anything up in a day. But they can be stubborn. Rotties are strong, the one my Ex and his family had was. But the bite on a GSD is something you don’t ever want to feel.

  15. Da Dragon Durp

    Shepherding a bunch of shepards

  16. gauravplan22

    The dogs look scared and sad to me

  17. Yoda _

    Their is only one dog whisperer.
    And it is NOT this guy.

    • Josecleidson

      I think you might be wrong. There are more than one dog whisperer, and this guy is one of them.

    • Denn O Saur

      What has the world become? Even dog “whisperers” now got their own fanatics. For fucks sake.

    • LaToyaRN_ 38

      Yoda _ CEASARRRRR

    • Iris the Service Dragon

      Ceasar Milan absolutely sucks. He floods dogs until they shut down and calls it “training”

    • York Morteracks

      just bcos dog whisperer is being called as a dog whisperer I certainly agree that dog is a God if you read it backwards, just like what you wanted to say.

  18. gorilla glue

    Can we stop sharing this? Google him.

  19. James Bembel

    These dogs look scared.

    • Kiity Kat

      James Bembel that’s because the trainer absurd the dogs, sells sick puppies etc. It’s sickening

  20. JTsuits

    If someone did this with a pack of cats I’d be impressed

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