Dont pet my dog ass hole…… Peter Caine, Brooklyn Dog training NYC

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Peter Caine Dog training

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  1. ServiceDog Vlog

    This is amazing!!!! Thank you… Thank you for saying exactly what I’m dying to say every time I go out in public with my service dog. You sir, just made my day!

  2. Millie

    Don’t feed my dog your cookies or any other food without my permission either! That really gets my goat.

    • Novali Fox

      This times a million! Sensitive stomach plus easily irritable skin means I do NOT want you feeding my dog pupperonis!

    • PunkyPug89

      You leave by some creepy people. I’ve yet to have someone offer my dog food. And I take her almost everywhere.

    • ThisbeandPyramus

      PUPPERONIS not pepperonis 🙂

    • Christopher Beatty

      Hide your goat then.

  3. Christopher Johnnson

    Someone really sensitive here… I agree with you message, but you act very nasty and rude. Swearing and yelling around makes you look very insecure and aggressive, really hope you are nicer to the dogs.

    • abraham ortiz

      You gotta get your point across one way or another. This method seems to work just fine, in my opinion.

    • Dieudonné E

      “insecure and aggressive”? are you one of the people he’s talking about?

    • abraham ortiz

      +Sax Hyms not at all

  4. Gerry Hoffman

    wow haters gonna hate. you coulda said this in a decent way

    • mossy1

      +Chuck Deuces I’m afraid you have that backwards. People tend to tune you out and are less likely to hear you out when you are aggressive. This is evidenced by over half the comments here. I bet you that many of these people would be more inclined to agree had he not been so whiny. 
      Therapy can help. Its what kept my marriage together. When you fully understand that aggression rarely solves your problems or helps you get what you want you are more open to try other methods. It takes practice and time to break habits but habits are broken all of the time. Not everything is biologically based. Our differences are more centered around environmental nurture rather than biological nature if not equal. Ask any biologist. People come into the world with some pre-programmed tendencies and predispositions (nature) but the environment in which they grow will mold & shape & influence their development (nurture) in profound ways. It is also less set in stone than you seem to think. 

    • Anggiezzz

      I like it! Just to the point and being clear

  5. John Smith

    Im going to find you and pet ur dog like never before

  6. Lyrah

    Never in my life have I pet* a random dog I didn’t know, idk why anybody would

    • +m gu lol ): is it pet?

    • 😉 you got it

    • Because people are STUPID and they think every dog is Lassie, or Yeller, or Tote. Not all dogs are social. That doesn’t make them bad dogs. It makes people Idiots for thinking they can pet any dog without asking, or call or whistle to a dog on lead. People are so Ignorant, particuarly when it comes to animals. As a pet professional, I see it Every Single Day.

    • xlifewritex

      Nor have I. I don’t pet other peoples dogs unless they come up to me and allow their dog to get close. Even then I am leary. Who knows that dogs temperament.

  7. TenThousandTacos

    This is a perfect example of someone having a good and applicable point, with solid and justified logic to back it up, and communicating it very poorly. He sets us up to be enemies with him, which makes an unfortunate amount of the people watching immediately oppose him regardless of what he’s saying. Logic: 10/10 Execution: 3/10

  8. Kinook

    Pure American Stupidity. Who’s he yelling at?

  9. Peter Caine Dog Training

    Bad dog owner and Vegan Dog, Vegan unhealthy for K9……… Peter Caine dog training

    • tyson tysonn tell me you’re being sarcastic, please. I hope don’t let this fuckwit anywhere near your dog.

    • SpiritØwl Øwl

      Peter Caine Dog Training my dog would just bark and growl

    • Kill2Hard101

      I hope you speak better dog than you do english!

  10. paul supergringo

    this video Is” amaze”

  11. Don JonBovi

    You should pull them jeans up.. Stay high and tight. Farts.

  12. joe mama

    Why are your jeans so loose?

  13. Kristi Rogers

    my kids try to pet dogs all the time.. and I tell them never touch dogs unless you ask their owner if you can pet then because you don’t know if that dog is nice or likes to be touched. Still working on that with them.. they’re getting better and asking first instead of having to be held back and counseled. I also tell them if they see a dog with a vest don’t even ask to pet that dog because that dog has a job and can’t be distracted from its job.

  14. Tish Andrews

    bahahahahah!!!!! love this guy!!!!!!

  15. TEX SUN

    Also, people should never walk up to service dogs and pet them, distracting them from their duties.

    • TEX SUN

      Yes, I agree and also sometimes when you go up to a persons dog to pet them, it can be risky. If I see a cute dog, I always ask first if I can pet them.

    • Gorgeous Impact

      you’re an idiot, don’t take your dog into public if you don’t expect it to socialize which is a very important skill for dogs to have. if it is in training it should be wearing a vest to indicate such.

    • TEX SUN

      Who are you calling an idiot moron? I don’t own a dog, and dogs can sometimes be unpredictable! I’ve seen it happen.

    • Gorgeous Impact

      when dogs are used to one human and not socialized with others they are going to be scared and react in defense of their owner and themselves, that is the “unpredictability” of which you speak and is entirely avoided by simply allowing other humans to have contact with your dog starting at a young age.

  16. This guy seriously needs a hug

    • Peter Caine Dog Training

      listen troll, thats was years ago and I dont have the pirate look anymore..You guys that want to talk about hugging strangers as if you know them from a YouTube video is proof you are not very bright and dont have boundaries with your emotions. And then you bring up my look, saying I’m gay looking ? How old are you kid 14 ? and homophobic

    • Natalee Oz

      +Peter Caine Dog Training you’re either an amazing comedian or you have aspergers

  17. MrHarrilasagna

    Well said Peter!

  18. Erin- James

    What kind if special person has to touch other ppls dogs?? 100%

  19. Corey Dopp

    Lmfao, all the comments saying hes being nasty are way to overly sensitive. The guy has a message to send and what, if he said it nicely and said please, would your really listen? No.

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