Ep.10 – K9 Dog Training with Mike Ritland: Public Obedience

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Mike Ritland, a former Navy Seal and renown K9 trainer, shows us how to train public obedience to truly enjoy the companionship with your dog.

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  1. Sniperman17

    Hi Mike Ritland if your seeing this my name is Zachary Dove and I love your book Navy Seal Dogs and its the one with dog training and when I grow up I want to be a Military Dog trainer and train MWDs like you

  2. Sniperman17

    So im watching these videos so you can visually teach me how to train dogs

  3. Garry Johal

    Here cos of Jocko Podcast

    • Mick Funny

      Garry Johal yeah but Mike isn’t a retired SEAL like Jocko

  4. machineguntongue

    Same as other comment. Great interview with JW. L & S!

  5. winstonS

    He reminds me of Frank Proctor

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