Epic Pomeranian Puppy sneeze (Original)

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Roux the Pomeranian and his epic sneeze. Follow Roux's adventures on Instagram and Twitter @roux_pom

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  1. Boran Toyam

    awww this litterly made my day

    • AalayahStar Games

      +a sock You have a sock for a profile picture, a name called a sock, a
      Skyrim banner, your channel description says, “cucumber”, you have no
      videos, and 80 subscribers! HOW DO YOU DO THIS?!

    • VoxcinityGaming

      +a sock Omg! I litterly can’t with your name

    • “litterly” lmfao

  2. The sound that those old McDonalds wind-up toys used to make

  3. connor kennway

    i always laugh see this

  4. Mayson Beegle (ShIfT_Waffles)

    When da CoD finishes downloadin

  5. Clorox Bleach


  6. Gabriel Rumfelt

    I sneezed like this earlier

  7. WizardCoolio

    Someone needs to make a flight of the bumblebee remix out of that sneeze

  8. DaProGamer12


  9. Aw cute Wittle puppy (Talks like I’m speaking to a baby)

  10. Yolanda Tai

    my teacher’s projector sounds like that when it’s being put back up

  11. Chris Herbert

    Can I purchase this drill at Home Depot

  12. CsMarci2000

    His sneeze in the night would make me jump

  13. Julio Reid

    Awwwww. That puppy is so cute!🐶

  14. Noah Greene

    omg this is the good meme yes

  15. Celia Baradhi

    AIRPLANE MODE ACITIVEATED because it going to blast off the speed of light

  16. starts at 0:04 your welcome.😊

  17. MatthewThe Gamer996

    made me sneeze!

  18. The DragonMistress

    IT’S TEH TURKEY IN DISGUISE!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  19. wisdom bird

    i can’t stop pressing 5 on my keyboard xD


    foarte tare

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