Fizz – American Bulldog Puppy – 3 Week Residential Dog Training at Adolescent Dogs

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Fizz needed to learn all of the obedence commands, recall and toilet training. Trained by Senior Instructor Natalie Rumbold –

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  1. panzertoo

    you guys have got to leave out the physicality on the recall

  2. Lyle Welsh

    I have the best looking American Bulldog in the world, this is his twin.

  3. shizzle1903

    Love this pup. Handler did a great job

  4. FIzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . amazing job….

  5. Pierre Leroux

    Such a beautiful dog!


    do you reward her with food?

  7. Mellow hype

    wow awsome!

  8. SON of Apollo

    Excellent job!Beautiful pup and he’s so cute.He reminds me of my Dogo Argentino pup.

  9. Doctormillard


  10. RandomUser043

    0:25 I legit thought that was a bear cub for the first second or two…

  11. Rebecca Johnson

    I don’t have a American bulldog mix I just have a normal American bulldog don’t be scared their nice or friendly

  12. LiL-A-407

    i got my AMB at 8 weeks. No problems. the best tempermant u could ask for in a dog. all my neighbors love him. so what u said about stay alway from breeders that would sell u a AMB at 8 weeks is not completely accurate. 👎

  13. Brasil 2015

    cute dog

  14. Why are you doing this in public? You should be in a park

  15. Beauty Geek

    I have an 8 month old American Bulldog (Purebred) named Dobby.

  16. My American Bulldog just turned 1, great breed and very very obedient. Great work!!

  17. Silvia Moreira

    Wow very impressive

  18. Joe Brown

    great pup , good work

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