funny scared doberman

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Doberman puppy scared of stuffed toy.

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  1. stan broniszewski

    I’d love seeing this Dobie confront a RC powered tarantula. They’re
    available at Radio Shack.

  2. Pikachu Fangirl

    this made my night

  3. dog didn’t see the hands

  4. chell n ellie Austin

    lol ruf ruf the dog is clearly in full weary mode

  5. Pugedon Yücesan

    Your Dobbie is really stupid…

  6. GamesHard

    you are crazy.

  7. isaiah Powell

    whaaaaaa ive always said doverman

  8. Basia Price

    This is cute.

  9. Ritika Arya

    Diz iz not at annoyng
    I a big dog lover n i olso do diz vid ma brodu (My Dog) n he does de same
    Itz a game dt v play vid our frnd i.e. our dog n dey olso enjoy it

  10. Ernando Dias


  11. Emre Kılıç

    hahahahahahahahahah funny

  12. Meh. Im Just Another Human

    They’re not hurting the dog. It would be confusing for the dog, even a bit
    creepy, hence the dog being scared, but the dog isn’t hurt or malnourished.
    Please calm down, I know it’s a bit stupid that they’re deliberately
    scaring the poor thing but I doubt it will be traumatised by this



  14. kaio games


  15. Andreia Saraiva


  16. Lili Bagó


  17. Jarazay paris


  18. Neelam Sawany

    this dog is lucky he have good owner

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