Golden Loves Guitar !!

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Jammin' with Bailey!! Enjoy, Like, Share 🙂
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  1. Drew Cole


    • Mats Bladh

      Wonderful breed, I have one myself .. and Bailey looks so cool in this
      video when he eagerly awaits the food, walk or what ever he is waiting for
      🙂 Still it’s easy to think that he is only digging the music

    • Predator_SlayerX

      +jessie james YAAAAAAAAAAASSSS

    • jessie james

      +NightWolfGamer and a great sense of beat and rythmn

    • Predator_SlayerX

      +Drew Arcoleo That dog has a good taste in music.

  2. MCharlesJohn B

    Best dog on earth – And he grooves like hell with his head – (Or she)

  3. Kevin Traberg

    Without a doubt that dog likes the sounds. It doesn’t know what music is,
    but it definitely likes those sounds, it’s facial expression when it stops
    is undoubtedly: “Hey! Where did the noises go?!”
    It’s even bopping its head slightly.

  4. Susan larson

    Loved this video, thanks for the early morning smile.

  5. Swagalicious f

    This was playing in the classroom today and it was absolutely
    HILARIOUS!!!Love dat smile!!!

  6. Dogs don’t have rhythm- except this one.

  7. This is the coolest dog I have ever seen. Bobbing the head and everything.
    I can see me and this golden having a round of beers together.

  8. Trish Taylor

    Why were you drinking beer

  9. DogMechanic

    It would be super interesting to know what’s happening in the dogs head
    through MRI scan when you’re playing the geetar. I wonder if it activates
    similar regions in the brain as it does in humans.

  10. алёна малышева


  11. #KellyMissesVlog

  12. Ihria Musika

    So cute!!! <3 

  13. The Olfactive

    the dog is bobbing his head with the music

  14. Noah C Cornelius

    She’s so salty

  15. Chrys Gnt


  16. Callen Koiner

    Anyone know what chords he is playing? Love the rhythm

  17. Lina Geske

    so süß:-)

  18. Wildcard HS

    nice bud light commercial 10/10 would watch again

  19. なんか犬の気持ち分かるwww

  20. 民族振兴


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