Gun shyness in Dogs……Peter Caine dog training

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Peter Caine dog training

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  1. Impressive!

  2. Victoriana Serrano

    good dog!

  3. Dropbear Claire

    Hi, I got my dog when she was 5yrs and she is terrified of guns the sight and sound. She freaks out when my neighbours do.
    Any tips

  4. 796andy2

    any tips on Thunderstorms or fireworks ? my gsd fears not man nor beasts (or bigfoot) I’ve tried walking or playing with him while it happens but he’s failing to make the association. Problem solving smart tho …

    • Adrianna Trinette

      796andy2 i hav the same problem im watching this video so i can learn how to desensitize my next puppy, i may try somethin similar for my gsd tho to take the edge off of her phobia

  5. Brandyewine72

    I know this video is old but I wanted to say after watching this I took my 16 week old Doberman out target shooting. I did it just like you did. He was like “Meh” 🤣 he could care less and we were firing all kinds of guns. I’m so happy he’s not gunshot sound shy. Thanks again for sharing your expertise. You are awesome!

  6. Brian Kavanagh

    Lucked out with Delilah man 😂😂

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