Homeless Dog Gets Makeover That Saves His Life! – Charlie

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Charlie the Shelter Dog was found on the side of the road and brought to an L.A. Area Shelter
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Charlie the Shelter Dog was found on the side of the road and brought to an L.A. Area Shelter. He was covered in painful burrs. Charlie needed to be adopted quick because the facility was a high kill shelter.

The Transformation saved his life. After his makeover, he was adopted. There are thousands of other dogs in shelters just like Charlie. Share this video to make a difference.

Special Thanks to Hollywood Grooming. www.gohollywoodgrooming.com and Baldwin Park Animal Care Center.

For more information or to donate go to: or visit your local shelter.

Producers: Hai-Lam Phan, Dawn Poomee, Brittni Brown
Camera: Hai-Lam Phan, Dawn Poomee
Production Assistant: Scott Kelley
Editor: Phillip Cruess

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Your channel is the inspiration for what I’m trying to
    do for Northeast Animal Shelter.

  2. PastelRose

    I wish I had enough money to adopt every animal but I don’t D’:

    • I wish I could save all of them :'(

    • Me too if I was a kardashian the first thing I would do is create a shelter
      for homeless dogs

    • PastelRose

      +CountryButterfly56789 oh cool 😀

    • CountryButterfly56789

      +PastelRose I wish I could, but it’s their house. 🙁 I’m just paying rent.
      I currently work at a doggy daycare, so that is satisfying my wanting to
      play with dogs for now, until I get one of my own. 🙂

    • PastelRose

      +CountryButterfly56789 Tell them they have to leave or deal with a dog.

  3. Eloise Odom

    He looks like a puppy

    • Eloise Odom

      +Dolan twin Fan#1 No like he been doing it for months I just turned my back
      for a second and he lunged at me my dad had to punch him in the face so he
      wouldn’t attack me he had full fangs and everything the reason my dad put
      him down because we had a little brother who would lay on the floor with
      him and play he was about 3 so my dad was scared for all of our lives since
      we were all younger than 11 and we sometimes would play with him without no
      one knowing so he just had to do it.

    • Dolan twin Fan#1

      +Eloise Odom or it could have some way you moved it made him do a deference
      mode or he was probably just playing with you like my pup did that with me
      and he was playing with me

    • Dolan twin Fan#1

      +Eloise Odom it was probably something you did to make him not trust you
      and the punching in the face probably made him not trust you even more or
      when you were talking to your dad he probably didint like him

    • Dolan twin Fan#1

      +Lord Derpskull it’s clear that the dog loved y’all a lot he attacked the
      dog cuz he probably didn’t like stranger dogs around his owner and he
      probably attacked your bros friend cuz he thought he was doing something to
      him and he was trying to protect him and I know cuz I had 8wk old German
      shepherd pup and I got soooo attached to him that we had a 1yr old German
      shepherd when I would pet him he would get between my arms and bite/fight
      him and when they would break them up he would running back to me a sit
      next to and stare at the other dog “like this is my owner stay away”

  4. ani's corner

    why did I cry over this he got adopted & has a good family ffs I’m such a
    cry baby

  5. Unique Xiong

    This video is so heart ouching

  6. EyesWithoutAFace

    Why don’t we have high kill shelters for the shitty people that abandon,
    abuse, and neglect animals. No animal should be killed just because it
    can’t be adopted out within a week. Humans need to start changing.

  7. Have a magical day

    How can someone kill dogs or innocent animals, they are so cute and have
    not done anything wrong to anybody. Like stop it, don’t kill them because
    you can’t adopt them away. They are gorgeous and and as everybody else,
    deserves to be loved

    • QA Purrsian

      NoToBigBro Ever heard of a country called China?

    • NoToBigBro

      Who eats cats???

    • +Tina Lin Not saying you actually said you had steak for dinner.

    • +NinjaKala Those people are the starving and desperate humans. Besides, how
      can you say,’Oh I had steak for dinner yesterday.’ yet say,’Some people eat
      dogs.’? It’s like the same thing. Both cases poor, innocent creatures are
      getting killed for you as food.

    • QA Purrsian

      Dogs have to be killed because the humans ask for pure breed puppies.
      That’s why there is no place for stray dogs

  8. Dylan Otto

    Wtf how did a terrier-looking dog turn into a labrador?! XD

    • Leslisaloveschu

      Dylan Otto ikr same. I thought the thumbnail was of two different dogs.

    • Star Panikku

      Dylan Otto
      Dogs can look very different after a haircut! My parents’ white standard
      poodle looks like a gigantic bichon frise after he’s trimmed and fluffed up!

    • Dylan Otto ikr?

    • brandon peate

      Dylan Otto i think its a bichon cocker spaniel mix. mine looks identical to

  9. it’s just fucking stupid that shelters kill animals. you can’t say you’re
    about saving animals if most of them get killed because then they’re better
    off on the side of the road eating out of the trash.

    • Mathias “Neko” Køhler

      I know I sound like a terrible person but….if certain shelters didn’t
      kill the animals that don’t get adopted then we would run out of space for
      more animals that are found in the street and they would ALL die, rather
      than certain ones at shelters. Just what I think, I’m not trying to offend

    • Little Mars

      It takes a lot of funding to house those animals until they’re adopted. The
      humane society in my town has spent the past 10 years working on becoming a
      no kill shelter and it took tons of hard work to make it happen. In fact,
      our town is now the largest no kill city in the nation (Jacksonville, FL).
      They had to join together with other shelters and work with many different
      sponsors to receive grant money to take care of the animals and hold
      multiple adoption events throughout the year. It’s very possible to lower
      euthanasia, but it literally takes millions of dollars that most shelters
      don’t have 🙁

    • Especially if they only give them a week! Heartbreaking.

  10. SquishyFace

    (Sees dog getting bathed in vid)


    Yeah that’s my dogs name

  11. lexiepopes msp

    It’s pathetic how you say all dogs deserve a second chance yet when they
    don’t get adopted after a week they get put down, sort yourselves out
    because it’s so so idiotic and selfish.

    • Chantel Stenner

      I’m pretty certain if they stopped putting down some of the dogs, they
      would run out of space. But yeah it still sucks they have to do that. Also
      not all humans litter and not all humans are making particular species
      extinct, it’s just a few scumbags that either don’t realise what they’re
      doing is incredibly harmful or they do realise and don’t care. Didn’t you
      see the video? they helped the dog get a new home, doesn’t look like
      they’re one of those scumbags.

    • lexiepopes msp

      +tøp Agreed!! All we do is litter the environment and make creatures

    • lexiepopes msp They do deserve a second chance. I mean, they are much
      better then man themselves!

  12. Violet Hayford

    I love him with and without dirty furr

  13. Marcel Almon

    people who save animals and dogs are the best people ever

  14. SavannahStyles

    The reason I unliked is because this shelter is a shelter that kills
    animals just because they don’t get adopted!!!! #theysuck ya all dogs
    should get a second chance!! THEN GIVE THEM ONE!!!

    • Kyle Khedun

      SavannahStyles are you going to pay for their food? if it’s suffering,
      you’d rather let it go

  15. piplup2009

    why don’t they do this to the dog at the shelter if it get’s them adopted
    in 2 days?

  16. Hailey Minzey

    he looks like a Golden doodle

  17. Ashley Lindo

    Omg I wanna cry 😍😭 I would adopt him in a heartbeat

  18. He is adorable. So happy for him.

  19. HOI IT'S TEMMIE And Sylveon-


  20. gwen joplin

    He seems calm and so happy for the new do

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