How To Make Your Own Dog Training Treat Bag

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Someone wanted to know about treat bags for clicker training. In this video, see how to make your own dog training treat bag out of nylon fabric. It is really easy. I make my own because treat bags get greasy, rip and break so I think it is a good idea to learn how to make your own especially if you are training lots of dogs.


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  1. Linda Jovic

    Brilliant! (:

  2. Lucy Lue & Harry Sherriff Films

    Good day our friend. A great how to video. I think i would end up sewing my fingers together on the machine HA HA. Have a great day and take care our friend.
    Lucy and Harry

  3. Susan Bissell

    You just need to add a loop to the bag instead of using a diaper pin, then you can use a hook of some kind to hook the bag onto your belt loop.

    • All Dogs Are Smart

      +Susan Bissell Yes absolutely that would work. Or you could make your own waist belt such as in my video here:
      Thanks for your comment!

    • Susan Bissell

      +All Dogs Are Smart That is true to make a belt to go with it. I like to clip my treat bag to my belt look but I can see at times when I would need a belt to keep the treat bag on depending what I am wearing that day.

  4. Leah 4678

    When I tried to sew sticky Velcro, my needle got stuck😞

  5. Leah 4678

    Yeah,Thanks for the reply😄👍great job!

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