How to Potty Train Your Puppy

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Andre Millan gets puppy potty training tips from Dog Psychology Center trainer Todd Langston. Watch to learn how to get your dog house trained once for all.

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  1. halo1900cv

    Andre is a fag… ever since I cum on his face he won’t even look me in the eye anymore 😔

  2. guyfromBR

    Hey, I’m trying to hear the Instructor’s nice and useful guidelines, but the ANNOYING MUZAK IS TOO LOUD!!!!!! What’s the point to have it playing OVER his voice, fgs?
    Please, re-edit this video and get rid of this disturbing muzak!

  3. halo1900cv

    Andre is a fag

  4. Mayte Martinez

    i have been watching your dog videos

  5. Sagar Deolalkar

    Todd looks ditto like hbk shawn michaels 😎

  6. Hello, every time I would take my dog out to specific spot he would go around the environment and start eating the acorns and sticks and other things. He’s not vaccined yet and I would have to take it out of his mouth every time. I need help

  7. ok so basically either own a puppy or have a job but you cant have both. Jerk off

  8. Mayte Martinez

    the only thing she knows what to do is ” sit “

  9. Iara Luana Moreira

    I cant I have to go to school

    • Nancy Baker

      You could opt for an adult dog that is already house broken.

    • Julia Rønningsen

      If there is no one else at home to take out the puppy then I’m afraid it was a mistake to get a puppy. A puppy should never be left unattended, just like you can’t leave a 4 year old unattended. They need you.

  10. so when i get a puppy i need to take like 3 months off from work to take him out every hour lol

  11. alex bomb

    whats wrong with train dog to poop on toilet?

  12. The Maximizer

    What about at night

  13. Mayte Martinez

    My Dog is not really trained yet

  14. Diane Evans

    Andre is so cute just like his dad, so happy to see him in this business too and thank you for sharing!

  15. Pamela BBC

    dear Mr Milan. .. I have tried for many years to get friends to understand about pack leadership and dog ownership. I grew up on a farm and learned pack mentality from childhood.
    People consider my indifference to their cute doggies as insult when as you know its just my establishment of who I am to the dog. How can I explain this to people better so they know I mean them no insult its just my natural pack mentality of childhood telling their dog I am the leader do not jump on me or bother my purse or whatever?

  16. Brock McClain

    First time, I just gave him (or her) a little whip.
    Second time, i starve him/her for a week then give him/her some dog meats.
    Third or last time, i gave it to the chinese, lol!

    It’s just a prank, bro!

  17. Gurjant Sandhu

    last para. was superb sirraaaa

  18. Julia Rønningsen

    We tried that method with our dog. Never giving him negative feedback when accidents happened. We only carried him outside and gave him praise when he did it outside. We also made sure to take him out after every time he ate, drank, played, slept and when he gave signals. Yes, we took him outside as often as possible to time it with his needs, but that doesn’t mean he understood that he couldn’t do it inside, it was just convenient. He never seemed to learn. In the end he was too old to still be going inside. So we started giving him a little negative feedback when a mistake happened, and it didn’t take more than a week before he was clean.

    I am not saying you should yell at your dog for going inside (you should never yell at your dog), rather the contrary. You should try your best to do what he said, teaching your dog the way the mother would. And in the end, if it doesn’t work you should try giving small signals that what they’re doing is wrong. approach with calm dominance, show them their work and tell them a short and firm “No” or whatever your signal for no is. Just remember not to freak out or yell. AND never forget to praise them when going outside, it is by far the most important!!
    Good luck with your dogs, they will surely learn soon enough, but give them some time 🙂

  19. LadyPrincessDiana

    Andre became a handsome and mature young man, who loves dogs just like his dad. Cesar must be incredibly proud of him :’).

    • Zha Ferin

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