How to Stop Puppy Biting and Chewing

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There are many reasons a dog engages in biting and chewing behavior. Dog Psychology Center trainer Todd Langston explains and gives tips on how to stop it.

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  1. BeautyByEwa

    My puppy bites even more when I pretend to cry.

    • Fresh Lou

      BeautyByEwa call caesar

    • Francesca Milano

      Hello the best success that i’ve ever had was by using the Bevs Booster Guide (just google it) – definately the most useful treatment i’ve followed.

    • Elizabeth M

       You just couldn’t resist posting an ignorant comment, could you?

    • Elizabeth M

       No.  Assimilate means to incorporate, absorb into.  Simulate means to imitate.

  2. 123haninhk

    Andre’s voice sounds exactly like Cesar. I wasn’t looking at the video and thought why Cesar sounded younger 😉

  3. Valeria Molina

    I have a roteiller puppy and he’s 2 mouths old

  4. Jaycee Cee

    At what age do you no longer consider a dog a puppy? My dog is 16 months old, I’ve had him for 5 weeks, he chews and destroys anything he can get hold of.

  5. I said NO just for one time and bought a KONG for my puppy. He stopped chewing my slippers kater. I DONNOT think spray is a wise option. I prefer positive ways such as using toys and treats to encourage puppies to do the right things. You need patience rather than quick tricks which may hurt their feeling.

  6. Eyy Andre lookin like a man now

  7. Stephanie Meise

    Gutes Video ! Danke !!!!

  8. Frank Newberry

    His ear studs, V Tee shirt, and eyeliner, (and mascara?) are just a little too gay. Sorry. Copy Cesar, but not that much.

  9. Susan Courtney

    I think Cesar is great, but this “trainer,” doesn’t know anything about dog behavior.  What does the mama dog do when her puppy bites her? Does she yip? NO. She corrects her puppy. Yipping is a sign of submission, thus empowering the puppy doing the nipping. …and standing still? That is a fear response. Again, showing submission to the dominate puppy. Correcting an unwanted behavior is what sets the rules and boundaries.

    • Susan Courtney

      I agree, there needs to be a standardized dog training method. However, if you feel lack of understanding and misinterpretation of dog behavior should be the norm, then you are in the same boat with the rest of the wannabees. I am sorry if you feel that working with dogs from the dog’s perspective, and understanding dog behavior pains you. We cannot keep up with the volume of people trying to get into our program. Bottom line: our program works. It is based on knowledge of dog behavior and common sense.

    • Saul Diaz

      Susan Courtney God I hope America gets standards for becoming a trainer. it pains me to see what you’re writing

    • Susan Courtney

      Everyone has their own definition of training. I, personally, would not have any of our students rely on PR in real life situations. If a dog gets off leash, and is running into the street, I would rather say, “down” and have that dog stop and drop with 100% confidence. I could never have anyone rely on a treat to redirect the dog at that critical moment, and hope he chooses the correct response. In addition, we incorporate off leash into our basic 8 week program. PR cannot accomplish the level of training we provide. We also do not use or train with e-collars. We teach dogs to come when called in less than 5 minutes without the use of a leash, collar, or food. By understanding dog psychology, instinctive behavior, and the use of common sense, we work wonders.

    • Not an argument

      Susan Courtney But there are countless youtube channels with countless dogs who were trained through positive reinforcement who are very obedient and very well behaved. I mean the dogs I see who are outstanding dogs are trained through PR all the time. I really dont understand how you can say it doesnt work when the evidence speaks for itself?

    • Susan Courtney

      This statement, “Protection/police dogs all get trained by positive reinforcement” is not true. …and yes, those animals do have to be 100% reliable and are very obedient. Starting in the late 70’s through today, I trained with the Army K9 Master trainers. I know a thing or 2 about correct dog training. This treat training method may work on some passive dogs, but not the majority of dogs. 90% of our students tried positive reinforcement first. I think that speaks volumes in itself. Treat training does have its place, such as movie and TV work, or training tricks. However, for basic through advanced obedience training it is counterproductive. From a professional perspective, the whole method is flawed.

  10. WolfieTheQueen

    Yay I new vid! Been a long time! I love this vids 😂😍😍

  11. Michelle Clarissa

    i’m frustrated with my puppies. they biting and jumping. so i have a lot of scars on my leg up until my thigh. how can i train them to stop biting and jumping?

  12. reana reanes

    is He”Andre” Cesar s son?

  13. Andre’s voice sounds exactly like Cesar. I wasn’t looking at the video and thought why Cesar sounded younger 😉

  14. i tried that yelping thing and she just………. bites harder?????????/

  15. i dont even realize that its not cesar’s voice in the beginning

  16. Chopper Chopra

    i bite my puppy back

  17. Derick Berrios

    Who else thinks Cesars son is gay

  18. Alice Connolley

    house. two. house tra8n a puppy

  19. Jack Carlos

    I hate the yelp advice… It doesn’t work.  Yes it scares them to stop for a second, but it also excites them.  I still haven’t found a magical way to stop biting so my hands will continue to be covered with puppy bite marks…

    • Jack Carlos I just got a month old Rottweiler and he keeps biting the shoes that I wear you think that’s something that needs to be fixed or is that normal because he’s playful for being a kid?

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