How to Train Your Puppy to Stop Jumping

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Andre Millan gets tips from a trainer at the Dog Psychology Center on how to stop a puppy from jumping.

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  1. Jessica Muktan

    What if there just puppies like you just adopted them

  2. Shashank Setty

    can we have Cesar making these videos?

  3. Lacy Harden

    Can you do a video about keeping dogs from jumping on the furniture?

  4. After reading about how Cesar is “bad” I tried see how other trainers trained their dogs, and Cesar is hands down the best trainer ever. He’s the only one who treats dogs like dogs (not as human beings) he brings everything back to its natural state and it’s admirable. Whoever thinks Cesar is cruel is either blind or jealous. Seriously people need to stop saying Cesar is bad or incompetent

    • Hey there. So this is so this is a common misconception popularized by traditional dog trainers that rely on tools to make life unpleasant when their dog does not perform as desired. Here’s a video that will explain the dominance myth: ==>

    • Jessica Muktan

      Sarah A. This comment to put me to tears

    • Natalie Hansen

      I agree

  5. Bullying thug. That is all

  6. Pet Adventures

    Cesar’s son is so cute! And great training here!

  7. Jawahar Babu

    Thanks, this is my pets GSD’s only problem that is jumping and biting

  8. Jessica Mulder



    I thought its a good sign when your dog jumps on you. :/ my puppy always do that whenever i took him outside his crater. I thought its normal and he loves me. 😭

    • alexa penn

      wow!! fantastic little expression – i’m using it, too :}

      mmmmm “( “)/” mmm can’t find the keys you used – i’ll just copy it and then poke around and find them – Thanks

    • SenorDucky

      Ultimately, it’s your dog. However, if your puppy is jumping on you (would say more out of excitement than love, or I suppose “disrespect”) he is most likely going to jump on other people who may not appreciate it as much. And when he gets bigger it will definitely become a problem every time he gets excited. If you’re holding food, something he wants, simply walking around the house etc.
      Hope this is the “explanation” you wanted. Or not ¯_(ツ)_/¯


      So guys tell me. Do i really need to ignore my dog every time he shows love by jumping. I need explanations.

  10. blackbirdxx928

    what’s what’s the the matter with teaching a dog what no means I the word out it means stop whatever it is you’re doing that could be anything from barking to lifting his leg on a car tire jumping on my 95 year old mother or running out in the street

  11. kathleen wroblewski

    Ignore a jumping dog? heck no, simply put your knee up and it blocks the jump.

  12. Darby Dupree

    Cesar is the real deal and he shares his knowledge so freely. Luv me sum Cesar!

    • Darby Dupree

      I agree.   I agree with Cesar’s dog psychology.    He understands.    I use some of his techniques but I can’t do the part where they are suppose to be dogs and we are suppose to be people and not treat our dogs as children.   My dogs are family so….    :)+Tania

    • +Darby Dupree Most people that don’t like Cesar don’t understand his methods because they haven’t bothered to educate themselves about them . Which is unfortunate . They are fighting a fight that they don’t even know or understand .

    • Darby Dupree

      I don’t know but I I’ll message her and ask her to explain.   Knowing Heather, it’s because Cesar corrected the dog with the two finger poke.   You’d have to know Heather but to have a petition, I can’t understand.

    • +Darby Dupree Just because they have a petition , doesn’t mean he’ll get banned . I’m sure more people like him compared to the ones that don’t . I would be very surprised to hear of a country that would ban a man with Cesar’s reputation . I wonder why she never responded ?

    • Darby Dupree

      +ESHBAIL GILL I have a Facebook friend in the U.K. and they have a petition to have Cesar banned from the U.K.     I asked her why would they do that and explained he has saved so many dogs but she never answered.   🙁

  13. Tate Anderson

    Can you make more videos on how to train your dog

  14. Donna Ilich

    Cedar Millaa has shown me how to communicate silently with another species. I’ve had 4 dogs and I did not have a clue. Them one day I was given an 8 week old whippet at the same time I discovered CESAR MILLAN. his philosophies on self-awareness around dogs has changed me as a human I am proud to be. I don’t personally know CESAR but his tv shows, books and his honesty is truly transforming. Thank You CESAR

    • Donna Ilich

      I shared 17 magic year with my whippet. Again…..THANKS TO THE MILLAN FAMILY FOR ALL THEIR HARD WORK AND SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE. forever changed Donna ILICH

    • Donna Ilich

      Sorry about his last name pressed wrong Letter ( obviously).

  15. Kyra and Friends

    One of my dogs jumps, especially at the beginning of meeting new people as she gets overwhelmed with excitement. She is 11 months old, but already around 35kg… Not a good thing to have her jumping on people. I’ve tried multiple things, and I think I may try to pull the leash to the side thing now.

  16. JoAnn Klonowski

    Thank you 🙂 Needed refresher before fostering pups 🙂 (rehabilitating adults prior)

  17. Michael P. Shipley

    This trainer is excellent. Good to know Cesar is passing down his knowledge.

  18. Anime Kitten

    my dog keeps jumping on my private part is that normal???

    • Tyson Sprinter

      Is it normal to comment on the content of the video without watching the video?

  19. UncleRufus A. Bastardson

    You cannot be a “good” trainer unless you understand what a dog really is. Ceasar, his son and this guy get what the true essence of a canine.

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