Husky sings with baby

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10 month old Lexi singing with her dog Angel

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  1. ALeopardGeckoNamedSTEVE


  2. Silly Mc Chilly

    Misses boss lady.. Would you please turn on the mute button on this
    crawling thing you call baby, that’s around me all the time and screaming
    in my ears… You know my hearing is better than humans right??? LOL

  3. Hang Tyme

    The 1st preview of what the Clinton / trump debates will be like.

  4. Mars Walls

    doggy is like no child, i sing.

  5. Sean Sartor

    That’s pack mentality right there!

  6. Battle of the siblings! Dog was like “I was in this family first, stop
    trying to steal all of the shine with your cuteness”! Lol.

  7. Ya Boy Jay

    Personally the dog seems agitated with the baby’s crying and wants the
    owner to make him quiet.. Notice how he backs away from the baby at 2:22
    and starts growling at the owner.

  8. Yukino Aguria

    Husky: Look kid..I can do this all day.

  9. Allen Pouvi

    This was sooo cute

  10. Liana Pattipeilohy

    Amazing….so cute…😍😍😘😘

  11. Albert buksnis

    Husky taught baby to sing but baby still needs more practice,
    I have a Husky, the vocals are great and hard to copy well.

  12. Sandra L.

    I know, I know- I hate Hillary too!

  13. Tavith De

    soo cute

  14. MysticCatGamer

    The husky looks fat in front view

  15. Michelle Anderton


  16. Tyra Dawkins

    What’s that Disney song…”Let’s make music together…Let’s make sweet
    harmony…” LOL :)

  17. Cleison de Oliveira Padilha

    dog: “what is he saying? I can’t understand!!!”

  18. Jenna Razim

    so cute 😂😂😂😂

  19. Deborah Terrell

    He looks just like my Bubba who passed a few months ago… He & my grandson
    would “talk” too…

  20. Diana DeLaCruz

    sooooooooooo cute X)

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