Ice – Anatolian Shepherd – 4 Week Residential Dog Training at Adolescent Dogs

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Trained by Sarah Coombe –

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  1. Sarah Chapman

    Where are you based? Great training and i have an Anatolian Shepherd with a few issues!

  2. Great vid, thanks. Really loved the music to, nice touch.

  3. ibrahim TÜRKOĞLU

    çok güzel 🙂

  4. Nico van rekum

    Wooow really Amazing to see , a Male Anatole , so social with other dogs of the same gender!
    I would have Anatolian Shepard but the only reason i dont take one ,is that iam afraid that it turn into a fighting dog.
    So this Video gives me some hope. I like to know, if there is a difference in behavoir, in differend Bloodlines??
    ps excuuse my bad english typing!

  5. Zikri demirezen

    You’re professional but this dog is not a working dog. This is a shepherd dog and they need to protect the herd. They dont need any command for humanity. They have to be natural in the mother nature.

  6. Trap Dome


  7. Was it cold at the time of filming? My Anatolian’s coat isn’t remotely that thick, even in the winter months. I live in Oregon, USA.

  8. Mike Lampard

    Amazing! Is it possible for you to work with dogs in the US?

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