IMMEDIATELY STOP Dog Pulling on Leash! Simple & Effective Dog Training Tips!

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Stop dog pulling on leash! STOP dog leash pulling in SECONDS! Learn how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash. Dog pulling on leash is a typical problem! Learn how to train your dog to STOP pulling on the leash while walking with this simple and effective method. Learn how to make your dog stop pulling on the leash. If your dog is pulling you while walking then you need to connect the leash in a better spot! Dog leash training is not that difficult! If you watch this you'll learn how to stop dog from pulling on leash today… not tomorrow! My friend Lester learned how to stop dog from pulling on leash but the dog still pulls him anyway! My mother learned how to stop leash pulling but the dog bit her on the leg! My uncle learned how to stop a dog from pulling on a leash but after years of still pulling, his arm almost fell off! —————————–

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  1. Sweet 'N Sour

    Gentle leaders are absolutely fantastic!

  2. kathleen wroblewski

    Harness’s are a waste of money, use a choke collar.

  3. akash jagtap

    Feed something ur dog ……. its too skinny

  4. Monty Jessica

    I only liked your dog bcoz it’s not you 😑

    • Vitality Massage

      This is pure and simple and you must realize… that it’s coming from my heart and not my head… I love you. I honestly love you.

  5. Emily4303

    at 1:36 you grabbed the dogs muzzle….they can’t breathe when you do that….it would be like if you covered your nose and mouth and I get you only did it for a second but still…

  6. zin boway

    brilliant, thank you.

  7. you made me laugh….people that don’t think correctly! best description yet

  8. Natural Dog Mom

    awww poor old dog don’t do a demo on a old dog

  9. lynnie rodgers

    Thanks Brett will give this one a try x

  10. FreetoLove

    thanks for your video brett good job

  11. Joe Serrano

    Thanks Brett for some interesting info’, with this dog training knowledge. 🙂

  12. JoaniesJourney

    I just discover this type of halter because my neighbor saw me struggling with my dog and actually gave me her old one.
    It worked INSTANTLY.

  13. Chakra ♡

  14. ASMRyouVEGANyet?

    easy walk harness saved me from frustration. it’s the same concept where you clip the leash in the front. ps your dog is precious

  15. mrandmrsforeever

    thank you, I will try that.

  16. Julie De Vos

    “Prong collars are for people who are not thinking correctly” FALSE – they are for people that have tried EVERY harness out there and it doesn’t matter. My dog pulls so hard the entire harness (yes was fitted correctly) pulls so hard the harness actually twists and he gives zero shits and keeps pulling. Seriously – what you are showing doesn’t work on my dog. He is the sweetest guy – wouldn’t harm a fly but when we walk – its like dog sledding without the sled. The only thing that actually works is a prong collar. INSTANTLY. FYI pulling your dogs feet out from underneath them – they probably don’t like that correction either because it feels uncomfortable to them 😉

    • Vitality Massage

      As I stated in the video, if the method I show here doesn’t work, the “Gentle” Leader (that fits around the dogs muzzle) is the most effective and aggressive collar. It’s like a horse harness. It DOESN’T POKE the dogs skin with freaking prongs! People that do things like cut off dog tails, “dock” dog ears, put dogs in “dog runs” or cages, or use prong collars are not thinking correctly.

    • UpstateNYdogrescue

      No one tool will work for every dog and you sound really frustrated. Here’s a suggestion that I have seen work wonders on certain pullers – it’s worth a try. Bear with me, it’s really simple but may be hard to explain without a visual. Clip your regular leash to your dogs regular (non-choke) collar. From the clip, slide one hand halfway up the leash, toward the dogs tail, so the other end of the leash (handle) hangs down to one side of the body. With your free hand, reach under the dogs belly and bring the handle end of the leash up and thread it under the leash in your other hand. then hold the leash handle. The leash should now be looped around your dogs belly and through itself. I hope my explanation makes sense. Then you can continue to work on the training. Here’s a good non-aversive resource for that. Takes a lot of time & commitment when your dog is devoted to a particular behavior. Best of luck with your pup.

  17. 24 Karrots

    Excellent, don’t mean any disrespect but your dog looks very thin.

    • Vitality Massage

      Yes absolutely. Sorry for your loss. Pray and connect with creation.

    • 24 Karrots

      I just lost my dog due to illness, and I am devastated….crying for about 3 months now. I went through human death and that is hard….but let me tell you my dogs death was the hardest I ever experienced….these critters are like angels in our life.

    • Vitality Massage

      Also, it’s funny but because MOST PEOPLE are FAT, (in America anyway) they usually think that someone or an animal looks thin yet it’s actually very healthy. Notice how the vegan comment here said she looks healthy! lol. Actually she was going through diet changes because I had started feeding her only fresh foods and raw too – no dry dog food!

    • ASMRyouVEGANyet?

      Dog looks healthy. very beautiful

    • Vitality Massage

      She just looks thin compared to dogs that eat dog food. Like most people, most dogs are overweight. Tonight my dog ate better than most millionaires. I’m not joking either.

  18. cookiesandcream

    Do you leave the harness on your dog all the time for identification?

    • Vitality Massage

      No because my dog is so well behaved that she never leaves the yard plus I live in the country. Most people should though.

  19. watchmoivies123

    Oh how BEAUTIFUL your pup is.
    How old is she now?

    Thanks for your help.

  20. MsDanstar

    I just love you Brett ! Thanks for all of your helpful videos

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