Introduction to Modern Canine Training Channel

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  1. Daniel Pham

    Cant wait 😀

  2. AmericanCoinHunting

    I never !  Post a comment , Sorry girl !……………….But I have to now , and ad . That I Love My Baby dog too. And do appreciate your kind training skills . They are the only that I abide by ………….!

  3. Noctifago

    So, you are going to create another YouTube channel??? Or I misunderstood the video purpose.

    • Kristin Crestejo, CDBC

      No, no. This video is just an introductory video for my Youtube Channel so new guests can see what my channel is all about. Kind of like a brief overview of everything to expect and search for.

  4. Border Collie Havane

    I love your videos! But I am French and I have a little trouble understanding all that is said … so it would be possible for you to put a small translation in the video …? I know this is a lot of work and I’m totally understand if this is not possible 🙂

  5. Vandana Bhalla

    Hi Kristin! I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting all these training videos. So informative and easy to follow along. I’ve been watching your videos for about a year and a half now since we got our lab. And I used all your videos to train and teach him tricks. We always get so many compliments about how well trained he is, I always refer people back to your videos! Thanks again!

  6. Sergio Tejada Moscoso

    I love your videos, keep that great work! Luna and you are amazing :3

  7. Tida Rajamysay

    I ❤️ur channel! 😃

  8. Philip Manners

    Wanted to say thanks .this channel helped with Dela my border collie an we are still playing learning and enjoying each other’s company
    Between your channel and questions you answered on email I am greatful for your help and the results you helped me achieve . So yeah a long winded thank you 🙂

  9. Alan Lee

    Your channel is one of the best “pure positive” dog training channels I’ve seen honestly. I know I criticize a lot of your videos but you seem like you are experienced and did your research and have experience. Some dogs will respond great to this type of training and there’s a lot of useful videos here.

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