Lazy Dog Doesn’t Want To Leave The Park

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The stick-in-the-mouth trick is what got him to get his butt up.

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  1. Shakester71

    When my dog gets tired and sit down, all I have to say is “lets go home”
    and he’ll jump up and throw the ball at my feet as to say “not yet.” Dogs
    are smarter than people give them credit for.

  2. Sinan Piro

    If you pause the video at 2:14 you have a poetic image of the two.

  3. I know how he feels. I do the very same thing when my wife wants to go to
    the mall.

  4. Imbra Šlauf

    golden retrievers become so lazy

  5. Jack Hammer

    that is a show quality golden retriever .

  6. sibertooth

    dog in the background was pooping

  7. jaharis echevers

    nice. Lol

  8. valerie benson

    too funny.

  9. Arancha Prashar

    he’s a stubborn dog.

  10. celeryg66

    sweet brats, they are ! they hate being left behind, so start walking and
    whoops there it is lol

  11. Greta Kcomt (SimplyGretaa)

    This is the best thing ever.

  12. 0:00 lmao pooping dog (background)

  13. Alper Ömer Esin

    Look blue t-shirt boy behind dog. running shamble. adding 2x cuteness the
    video :D

  14. Dyone Aquino

    In the outherside, have a dog doing u p@ping.

  15. Odin The OG

    When my boxerpit acts like that I just carry him.

  16. Gooie Pop

    Where did they get this footage of me every morning?

  17. Dog = me in the morning when I have to go to work
    Stick = salary

    • Adolf Hitler

      Pootin i never had a job but im been trying to Find one i wanna be a cop
      but i gotta w8 till im 21 so i go to collage and get a degree in the mean

    • +Cortez Van gaurd Yes, enjoy it! But don’t do any stupid things! Work on
      having a job in the future that you’ll love doing. Studying is important!
      Get good work ethicks now.

    • Blue Sack Animation


    • Jessica Gallagher

      lol!! Good one

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